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Illegal Aliens in the United States and those who Support Them

I want to make this painfully clear: Illegal aliens break the law in every instant they reside within the borders of the United States. Why? They broke the law by entering the country without the authority to do so.

There are no law-abiding illegal aliens, who liberals prefer to call “undocumented immigrants” to make it sound less offensive.

Supporting Illegal Aliens is Offensive

It’s most offensive to the people who did things the legal way. I ought to know.

My wife, Josie, is a dual citizen. She’s a Filipino-American who entered the country legally as my fiancĂ©. Never mind the fact that we both now live in the Philippines. She was a “resident alien” until she became a citizen. In law, an “alien” of any kind is a person who is not a national of a given country.

The people who support illegal aliens in one way or another offend me more than the illegal aliens themselves. Support comes in many flavors, including the act of avoiding the word “illegal”. Calling them “immigrants” is an affront to true immigrants.

I don’t know the details but I’ve heard that some illegal aliens receive government-sponsored services. I’ve also heard that medical services can’t turn them down, even if they’re unable to pay.

If that’s true, then the government itself is supporting illegal aliens. That would offend me more than anything. It means the people paying taxes are supporting them whether they want to or not.

Illegal Aliens are Not Immigrants

I just read an article at Techdirt, “Top ICE Lawyer Accused Of Identity Fraud Against Detained Immigrants“, by Mike Masnick (the editor) himself. Notice the use of the word “immigrants”. I’ll quote the relevant text:

Specifically, ICE has been almost gleefully demonstrating how they are thuggish bullies who are eager to deport as many people as possible. It’s disgusting and inhumane — and if you’re going to be one of those people who pop up in our comments to say something ignorant about how if someone is here illegally they have no rights and should be booted as quickly as possible, go somewhere else to spout your nonsense. Also, seriously: take stock of your own priorities and look deeply at why you are so focused on destroying the lives of people who are almost certainly less well off and less privileged than you are, and who are seeking a better way of life.

It’s obvious by the title of the article and this content that Masnick supports illegal aliens, in speech if nothing else. Luckily, he isn’t the only author at Techdirt. Otherwise, I’d feel obligated to stop using it as a news source. I don’t know if Masnick is a liberal or a conservative or something in between. He certainly sounds like a liberal.

Illegal Aliens from Everywhere

To be clear, I claim no allegiance to either side of the political spectrum. I don’t like illegal aliens because they’re lawbreakers, just like thieves and other lawbreakers.

The people who support illegal aliens are thinking of Mexicans but illegal aliens come from all over the place. Some even come from Canada. This idea that they’re all “less well off” is completely preposterous.

The Democratic politicians love them. In several states, it’s illegal to ask for voter identification. History shows that illegal aliens vote for Democrats more often than any other party.

February 16, 2018
United States

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