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The iflix Service is Great Competition for Netflix in the Philippines

iflix iflix is an Asian streaming service, like Netflix in the Philippines, but less expensive.

I wrote about Netflix back in March. I sampled it, off and on, for the trial month and then canceled. There weren’t enough choices to support the amount they wanted from me every month. The amount of movies and television series available was far less than that of Netflix in the United States.

I signed up for a trial subscription to iflix today. I’ll probably keep this streaming service and in a moment, you’ll understand why.

The Price of iflix and what they have Available

Netflix has three price tiers. iflix only has one. The cheapest option for Netflix is 370 pesos, which is about $7.40 USD today. The price for iflix is 129 pesos, or about $2.58 USD today.

It’s not the price that makes me want to keep it. It’s the Filipino TV series and movies they have, which Netflix doesn’t. They have more than enough of them to keep my wife, Josie, occupied for months. For me, that’s worth its weight in gold.

Of course, it’s not only the Filipino TV series and movies that I like about it. They have older American TV shows and movies that I plan to watch.

Playing iflix Videos

So far, there’s only one drawback and it’s because I use Linux Mint as my operating system. I could get the videos to play on Firefox and only on Firefox. Even then, the videos were choppy, often stopping.

I use Vivaldi (based on Chromium) and there’s nothing I can do to make it play the videos. But that’s okay.

I have the iflix application installed on both my phone and Josie’s phone. She’s watching a video as I write this. I’m limited to having two devices logged in at the same time, which is such a minor thing it’s almost not worth mentioning.

I’m sure I can watch videos on my 42-inch TV, by way of the HDMI connection. I did it with Netflix. But now it’s a pain because that Windows laptop is on its last leg. What I’d really like is a decent tablet to watch videos on.

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By RT Cunningham
August 8, 2017
Entertainment and Recreation