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Honey Whiskey is My Latest Passion in Alcoholic Beverages

honey whiskey Like any form of alcohol, honey whiskey is an acquired taste. I began my latest passion while looking for an alcoholic beverage with fewer carbs than cocktails. And fewer than light beer, which I really don’t like. I’m trying to maintain a low-carb diet.

I don’t mind stronger forms of whiskey when used in cocktails because the mixer takes the edge off. With a milder form, a mixer really isn’t required.

The Honey Whiskey Brands I’ve Tried (So Far)

I like Evan Williams Honey, which isn’t the same as Evan Williams Honey Reserve, but both use bourbon. It’s 70 proof and easy to drink over ice. Unfortunately, I have to travel from HMR to Schofield Barracks to get it at the liquor store near the base exchange. There’s a mini-exchange (“Express”) nearby.

The last honey whiskey I drank were bottles of Jim Beam Honey. Another bourbon, it wasn’t nearly as smooth as Evan Williams Honey and a little more expensive. Today, I’m trying a bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey, yet another bourbon. So far, it’s the harshest of the three.

I had less than a shot of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey before it was even sold publicly a while back. My daughter-in-law, Diann, brought a bottle back from a factory tour. It’s the most expensive brand of all I’ve tried and I’m not eager to try it again. It did, however, spur me to try honey whiskey in the first place.

Other Whiskey Flavors

There are people who will say that flavored whiskey isn’t real whiskey. Well, I think whiskey mixed with something else (like Jack and Coke) isn’t real whiskey. Real whiskey is straight scotch or bourbon, mixed with nothing but ice.

I’m planning to try vanilla whiskey next. I can’t say which brand because I really don’t know. The only brand I’ve seen so far is Jim Beam Vanilla. I don’t think I’ll try apple, cherry, cinnamon, maple or any other flavors they come up with. I’m probably working my way up to straight bourbons.

I like spiced rum and vanilla coke or spiced rum and creme soda. I like plain rum and plain coke. Diet soft drinks of any kind don’t work for me. The regular soft drinks have way too many carbs and I can’t drink straight rum, whether it’s plain or spiced.

My Wife Worries I Like Honey Whiskey Too Much

I’m not an alcoholic yet and I don’t think I’ll ever be one. I can go for months, not days, without consuming any form of alcoholic beverage. At one point, I skipped more than eight years. Josie thinks I drink too much and I don’t agree. I can make a bottle last three days without trying to nurse it. Alcohol makes me sleepy and if I start feeling sleepy, I quit for the night.

I won’t drink something I don’t like the taste of, regardless of what it is. I don’t drink to get drunk.

I’m not fond of drinking soft drinks. I don’t see the value in it. I’d rather drink water. For a long time, the only drinks I preferred were coffee and iced tea. Years. Sodas were drinks to mix with alcoholic beverages. I’ve only started to prefer honey whiskey over other alcoholic beverages this year. I like stout beers but I simply can’t drink them on a low-carb diet.

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By RT Cunningham
May 17, 2019
Food and Drink