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Hollow Earth Theories - Is there a Conspiracy to Hide the Truth?

hollow earth Are the governments of the world hiding something? Is any hollow earth theory supported by facts or are all of them just fantasies.

Unlike the flat earth nonsense, there isn’t any scientific proof the world isn’t hollow. There isn’t scientific proof of anything more than a few thousand feet deep.

Hollow Earth Theories

For me, it’s little more than fantasy. I first read about one hollow earth theory in a comic book called “Warlord”, first published in 1975. That was while I was living in Hawaii with not much to do during my free time.

Hollow earth theories go back centuries. Despite the contrary evidence put forth by the scientific community, people still believe there are holes leading to the inner earth. Science doesn’t get everything right and the evidence isn’t exactly proof. Theories don’t automatically become proof, regardless of the source or how well they present it.

My Hollow Earth Theory

I don’t think of it the same way as the fanatics. I think there are pockets of space within the earth. Monstrously deep caverns extend for miles and haven’t been completely explored yet.

There could be oceans or even dinosaurs down there as far as anyone knows. Just like in a lot of movies I’ve seen.

Since no one has actually been deep within the earth, your theory is as good as mine. Unfortunately, I’ll probably be long dead before the truth is discovered or confirmed.

Things Related to the Hollow Earth Theories

If you have hours or even a day to kill, spend some time on YouTube. Search for “hollow earth”, “hollow moon” and “aliens in the earth”.

Some people believe UFOs come from inside the earth or inside the moon. Others believe in USOs, alien craft that comes from the oceans (“submerged” instead of “flying”). Since the bottom of the oceans haven’t been completely explored, holes to enter the inner earth could be there instead of at one of the poles.

This stuff may seem crazy and most of it is. It’s interesting nonetheless.

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By RT Cunningham
January 4, 2018
Conspiracy Theories