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HHCMS - An Almost Complete Website and Headless CMS

HHCMS More than a week ago, I mentioned the start of a headless CMS. I also mentioned I had already started on it. I continued working on it and that’s what I’ve been doing for most of the past week. HHCMS, the abbreviated name of my headless CMS, is almost done. The website for it is also almost done.

I can’t link to it yet because I haven’t placed it online. I have Nginx and PHP running on the laptop I’m using now and I’m developing it here.

Update: I completed it today, July 15. The website is online.

Update 2: I took the website offline today, July 19. I have more bugs to squash than I anticipated.

The HH in HHCMS Stands For Headless Horseman

HHCMS is autonomous, just like the mythical headless horseman. I don’t have to run any scripts manually. The simple act of uploading an information file (called a “post”) will trigger a cron job that then runs a script. That script will parse the information files to create lists — at least one article list and one category list — with raw data.

Except for the header and footer templates, and the configuration and index files, the files are stored in the PHP ini format. The PHP parse_ini_file function parses the ini file and creates the variables needed with the corresponding values. Other than the configuration file, that is.

Time Issues

If you’ve followed me for more than a few days, you’ll know that I have other issues that eat up my time. One of them is driving. Neither my son (Jon) nor my daughter-in-law (Cathy) can drive a car. Neither have driver’s licenses. Cathy has a permit and I make her drive as often as I can.

I’ve had to drive Jon from HMR to Schofield Barracks more times than I can count, for various Army functions. I’ve had to drive Cathy to various places, most recently the Pearlridge Office Center in Aiea for dental work (that was today). I have to drive Jon to some place at Schofield Barracks again tomorrow morning. Maybe I should apply to be an Uber driver, so I can get paid for my chauffeuring services.

I Like HHCMS More Than WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress since 2006 and I’m ready to give it up. With WordPress, getting things that should be simple to work isn’t simple at all. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if I wasn’t the only one using it on my own websites. Since I am the only one, it irritates me to no end.

I can add custom post types and custom taxonomies to HHCMS in minutes. It takes longer just to read the instructions on how to do it with WordPress. I tried it once and then decided to use a plugin that was almost as complicated.

HHMCS takes it from the ground up. There are no complicated APIs to content with and no database issues to work around. There is no database. Each “post” is a database file, so to speak. Since Linux ext4 file systems can have limitless directories and limitless files per directory, using a database server and a database doesn’t really make sense.

I like HHCMS so much, I’m planning to migrate all the posts on this website to it as soon as I can. All I have to do is write a script to pull the corresponding data from the database file and format it appropriately.

Although I should have the software done within a week, I’ll probably have to test it for another one or two weeks. I don’t expect any major bugs to crop up, but I have to be prepared for even the most minor one.


RT Cunningham
July 9, 2019
Web Development