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Helemano Physical Fitness Center at HMR, Oahu, Hawaii

physical fitness I’ve been living with my younger son and his wife since the end of February 2019. Yesterday was the first day I stepped foot inside the physical fitness center at the Helemano Military Reservation, abbreviated HMR PFC. It was merely an exploratory visit, a stop along my walk for the day.

Because of the upcoming holiday weekend, I’ve decided to forego doing anything at the fitness center until after it reopens on Tuesday. It’s free, of course, to anyone with a military ID card.

Physical Fitness and Me

I’ve never been fond of gyms. I never had any desire to bulk up. Most of the things I needed to do to keep in shape (when I was in the military), I could do outside. There was a period where I spent a lot of time in a fitness center, but it wasn’t for the physical fitness part of it. After running, I used the sauna five days a week for four years, excluding the time I was deployed overseas. Ah, but that was more than 25 years ago.

After I retired from the military, the jobs I had caused me to work 12 hours or more per day. I didn’t get a lot of time to sleep, much less anything else. Physical fitness wasn’t on my radar at all. The hours and I worked and the stress accompanying those hours were only a couple of the reasons I decided to completely retire earlier than normal.

Old age started creeping up on me while I was living in the Philippines. I put on weight and various muscles in my body became weaker than they be. I started walking regularly (as regularly as I could) when my wife and I visited our older son and his wife in Florida. I’ve continued the same routine as much as possible since I’ve been in Hawaii.

Because I can’t walk very far every day, I need another way to exercise. The fitness center is within a short walking distance.

The Fitness Center

The size of the fitness center surprised me. HMR isn’t very big and the fitness center is larger than those I’ve seen on much larger military bases. I didn’t look around a lot but I noticed the free weights room on the first floor and all the machines on the second floor.

There are two saunas, one in the men’s locker room and one in the women’s locker room. Since my wife and daughter-in-law walk with me, we’ll probably be using both of them at around the same time.

My routes for walking are boring yet inconsistent. We have to avoid cars turning while crossing streets and avoid large dogs being taken for their walks. Why can’t people hold onto the leashes properly? My wife, Josie, is afraid of large dogs and rightly so. She was bitten by one when she was young.

I want to spend some time on treadmills and some time on exercise bikes. The rest of the machines might as well not exist. My joints already hurt. I don’t need stair climbers or skiing machines. I’m all about low impact exercises these days.

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