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How to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy for the Rest of Your Life

ginger root - healthy Some of the things I’m going to tell you shouldn’t shock you in any way. Some if it’s common sense. There are things you can do to get healthy. Or healthier than you already are. I’ve mentioned a few of them in past articles and I’ll point you to them.

There are some things I haven’t covered before and some things that you probably won’t believe. You’re not alone in that aspect. People have a tendency to ignore the simplest things.

Replace Junk Food with Healthy Food

Americans, in general, eat too much junk food. From what I’ve observed here in the Philippines, so do Filipinos. What I’ve learned over the last 10 years is that when you regularly eat enough of the food that’s good for you, you don’t even want junk food.

There are specific foods that can jump-start a healthy lifestyle. I mentioned some of them when I wrote about fat-burning foods. Some spices, or what people consider spices, can have beneficial effects as well. I once mentioned black pepper. I didn’t mention ginger, or more specifically, ginger root. You don’t have to take my word for anything because you can google the research.

I like to start my day with a healthy breakfast and sometimes that breakfast consists of what I call my anti cancer breakfast. It’s a kind of rice soup containing rice (obviously), strips of ginger root, black pepper and tiny pieces of chopped onion. It tastes great and I know it’s good for me.

Exercise to Stay Healthy

Common sense, right? Okay, I’m not talking about athletics here. You don’t have to go running, jumping, cycling or swimming regularly to enjoy the benefits of exercise. A brisk walk for about 30 minutes a day (and not necessarily all at once) is enough to improve circulation and get your heart beating fast.

It’s pretty simple. You need to put some stress on your heart to keep it healthy. After all, it’s a muscle and muscles get atrophied when they’re not used enough. A strong heart is a healthy heart.

Fasting can be Healthy

I once wrote about fasting and it’s something I try to do when I can. I have a wife who won’t let me skip meals when she’s around - it’s easier to let her baby me than it is to argue with her.

There’s been plenty of research into the benefits of fasting. An article as recent as last month (December 2015) explains why pharmaceutical companies won’t study it.

Being Healthy doesn’t mean being Miserable

I didn’t start practicing a healthy lifestyle all at once. I’ve been progressing slowly and it’s been hard for me because I started late in the game.

What I’ve found, over time, is that I no longer crave junk food. I watch people around me scarfing down chips, candy and soda and it almost makes me nauseous. The only time I like drinking soda is when I mix it with an alcoholic beverage and I don’t really like it. I just can’t find anything better to use as a mixer.

I like eating cucumber slices, soaking in vinegar and black pepper, and I can replace any meal with it. The rice soup, a kind of lugaw, will replace any meal as well. These foods taste good to me. Sweet stuff doesn’t.

I’ve seen pictures and I’ve been around people in my age group. Some of them look like hell. Rarely does one of them look as healthy as I am and I really don’t consider myself healthy yet.

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By RT Cunningham
January 22, 2016
Food and Drink, Health