Haircuts for Men – The Difference between Bad Haircuts and Good Ones

- April 22, 2017

haircuts What’s the difference between a bad haircut and a good one? The number of days or weeks until the next one. Men usually get haircuts when they want them, unless they’re in the military.

When I was at my first duty station in the Marine Corps, the powers that be wanted everyone getting fresh haircuts weekly. All men, of course. At later duty stations, two weeks seemed to be the norm for me. It all depended on how fast my hair grew. Yes, sometimes it grew fast and sometimes it grew slow.

More than 18 year after retiring from the Marine Corps, I still get military-style haircuts. My wife, Josie, likes them like that even if I don’t really care.

Haircuts in Olongapo

When I wrote about barber shops, I was staying in Phoenix, Arizona, temporarily. I’ve been back in Olongapo, Philippines since December of 2014. I get all of my haircuts locally.

Until today, I got all my haircuts at a barber shop in downtown Olongapo. I don’t remember its name and it’s not important. The cost of a haircut there is still 50 pesos (around a single US dollar) and I still tip the barber another 50 pesos. That’s around two dollars each time I get around to going there. Cheap.

A Relative Giving Away Haircuts for Men

A sister-in-law’s husband (a bilas), Alex, decided to practice cutting hair this morning. He didn’t charge anything from anyone. Not even me. Alex also drives for me and Josie on occasion when he’s not at his regular job, driving a taxi.

He cut off all the hair of the first two victims, as they requested. I was the third victim, but I wasn’t getting all of my hair cut off. I expected a military cut as always.

Alex did a pretty good job, all things considered. It isn’t a great haircut but by the time I go out in public again, no one will be able to tell if it’s good or bad.





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