Guest Posts – You Can Now Send Articles for that Purpose

guest posts Unlike my offer to help you make money online, you can now send guest posts. I need to grow my website and I can’t do it on my own.

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about writing to make money, but no takers so far. I don’t want to wait for people to make up their minds.

Guest Posts won’t Make You Money

That should go without saying. If you send guest posts, you get the benefit of including one or two backlinks in each of them. Backlinks are links leading back to one or more websites. I’m not going to pay you to promote your own websites.

If you write your guest posts like you write for your websites, I may make a little money off them. If they’re not that well written, I may refrain from having any advertising banners on them.

The Writing Burden

I try to write, rewrite or update at least one article a day. I prefer two. Sometimes it isn’t possible for a variety of reasons. I try not to write nonsense. Unfortunately, I seem to get the most web traffic from articles that take me the least amount of time to write.

I live in the Philippines (I’m an American expat). It takes longer to take care of some things that I could do quickly when I lived in the United States. Payday errands is one of many. Since I passed the age of 50 years ago, I’m getting slower at doing some of the most common things.

What I Need from You

All I really need is a well-written article. You can include up to two links pointing to wherever you want to point them. There are some sites I won’t link to, so use some common sense. If you want to include an author bio at the end, go for it.

Guest post or guest article, it’s really the same thing. It needs to be at least 300 words long. If it’s too short, I’ll tell you to fix it. I’m not going to allow more backlinks regardless of the length.

You can write about almost any subject. If it’s about gambling, alcohol or drugs, weapons or “mature” subjects, it’s going to be hard for me to accept.

You don’t have to send me a message in advance. You should be able to copy your article into the text box of the form on the contact page. Just add a note or send a separate message telling me what you’re sending me.

Please do not send me anything formatted in Microsoft Word or some other word processing format. Plain text is best.

Removing Guest Posts

It’s something I try not to do. If you write guest posts that won’t stand on their own and the links become dead for some reason, I’ll remove them. If they can stand on their own, I’ll remove the links.

I used to be wary of guest posts. Everyone and their mother wanted to send me guest posts. I published a lot of them on the website I shut down after I got this one running. I’m almost sure it won’t be like that now. That’s one thing I’ll probably be able to thank the social networks for.

July 24, 2017


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