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Grocery and Meal Delivery Services Continue to Increase

grocery bags As far back as I can remember, certain grocery stores delivered to certain homes. It was usually the elderly or the handicapped who needed the service.

Back in the late 1990s or early 2000s, Schwan’s delivered frozen food to my house in Phoenix, Arizona a few times. If I remember correctly, it was mostly meat and ice cream.

Grocery Delivery Services

Wikipedia mentions several food delivery services, but not nearly all of them. I can’t help, of course, because I can’t remember brand names very well. I remembered Schwan’s Company, but I had to ask my wife, Josie, for the name.

One grocery chain in Arizona, Basha’s I think, has been delivering groceries for years. Publix, which is mostly in the eastern states, advertises it on their home page. I’m sure there are more grocery chains like them, but I’m way too lazy to look them up.

DoorDash is a dedicated food delivery service. It even operates on Oahu in Hawaii, where other similar services can’t or won’t. This is the kind of service I will use if I’m living in the United States when I’m too old to drive and can’t afford services like Uber. Not likely. I prefer my home in the Philippines.

Meal Delivery Services

I’ve seen meal delivery services advertised but for the life of me, I can only remember one. It’s the one that pops up as part of Brave Rewards advertising within the Brave Browser.

It’s called Home Chef and as far as I can tell, they don’t deliver anywhere in Hawaii (I filled out the form to join, that’s how I found out). So why the ads for it here? The Brave Browser knows my location.

I’ve heard of subscription services like this, but the ones I’ve heard of specialized in one thing. I’m talking about services like the Beer of the Month Club and the Atlas Coffee Club. I think my younger son, Jon, once had a subscription to Death Wish Coffee. He still had a bag of beans when Josie and I got here in February 2019.

Nontraditional Grocery and Meal Delivery Services

That’s the best way I can describe services of well-known companies that deliver these items, similar to DoorDash. You can order food from and in the United States (I’m sure there are others). You can order from in the Philippines (again, I’m sure there are others).

I imagine that someday, people will order their grocery items for delivery more often than going to an actual store. How soon that will happen is anyone’s guess. Nobody predicted that more than half of the population would be using smartphones more than desktop or laptop computers today.

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By RT Cunningham
June 18, 2019
Food and Drink