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Grandchildren and Grandparents: Sweet Revenge against Parents

Michael - grandchildren Children, regardless of their intentions, will always cause grief for their parents. It’s a historical fact that will never change. Fortunately, when you become a grandparent and your child becomes a parent, he or she gets to go through some of the same things he or she put you through. Your grandchildren allow you to taste the sweet taste of revenge. I’m going to relate something that happened to my older son, Joseph, a few years ago. It amused me immensely and my amusement irritated even more than he was already.

Locked Out

My oldest grandson, Joshua, when he was younger than two, knew how to do things he probably shouldn’t have been able to do. One day, Joseph and Joshua were home alone together – Mom was at work. When Joseph exited through the laundry room to the garage to throw the trash out, Joshua closed and locked the door to the garage.

When Joseph and my other son were young, I always carried my keys in my pocket, even when I was just sitting at home. We didn’t have cell phones. Guess what Joseph didn’t have on him when he took out the trash? His keys and his cell phone were in the living room.

After Joshua locked the door, he ran to the living room and sat on the couch to watch cartoons on TV. Joseph went around the house to the living room window and yelled for Joshua to open the door. Joshua kept repeating, “No, no” and shaking his head. It meant that he didn’t want to be disturbed while watching cartoons. Apparently, watching cartoons was more important to him than his father at the moment.

Getting Back In

Not only was it too hot (more than 100 degrees at noon time in Phoenix) to be waiting outside for the wife to get home, but it wasn’t safe for Joshua to be in the house by himself. Joseph had to knock on a neighbor’s door and borrow a phone to call his wife at work, begging her to come home so that he could get back into the house.

The wife arrived in less than an hour and they both entered the house. Joshua was still sitting on the couch, watching cartoons. I guess it must have been the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon or something. Anyway, Joshua didn’t seem to have missed his father at all.

My younger grandson, Josephs second son, is shaping up to give his parents even more headaches. He can already walk and he’s learning to talk. He’s a little over a year old and I can’t wait to see what he does in the next year or so.

Grandchildren and my Younger Son

My younger son, Jon, is in the Army now and he’s still going through his class “A” school. He has a girlfriend in the Philippines he intends to marry but he doesn’t know when. There’s much paperwork, fees, and waiting involved.

I’m patiently waiting for the day he furnishes me with yet another grandchild. A grandparent’s revenge isn’t complete unless all of the children are miserable at least once, caused by the grandchildren of course.

Joshua was born when Joseph was 28. Jon is already 28. Waiting for the day he has a child old enough to cause him grief is driving me crazy and that day cannot come too soon.

I’m afraid, at the rate of grandchildren being born, I won’t live long enough to see any great-grandchildren.

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By RT Cunningham
October 5, 2014
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