Google Fiber in Phoenix? This could be Good News for Phoenix

fiber optic cable - Google Fiber When I read that Google Fiber could come to Phoenix, my first thought was that this could be good news for Phoenix. Or Scottsdale or Tempe or whatever cities in the Phoenix metro area signing up for it.

My second thought was “Meh. It doesn’t do a thing for me.” I’m not allowed to have any kind of wired Internet access where I live now. Not only that, but I’ll probably be back in the Philippines before construction would even start. Nevertheless, competition is always a good thing.

Google Fiber vs. the Entrenched Internet Service Providers

Unlike some areas in the United States, the Phoenix metro doesn’t have a huge problem with wired access competition. There’s Cox and CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) for starters and they cover both cable and DSL. Also, there are satellite Internet providers and other unique Internet providers I can’t even begin to write about.

Cox cable Internet is very affordable compared to what I’ve seen in other areas of the country. The 25 megabit option is cheaper than the 5 megabit option I have to settle for in Olongapo City, Philippines. Even the 1 gigabit connection offered by Google Fiber is cheaper than what I have to settle for.

Where real competition is needed in Phoenix is over the wireless spectrum and Google Fiber can’t do a thing about it. Google Fiber is wired access, not wireless. Wireless Internet in Phoenix is expensive. It’s probably just as expensive everywhere else in the country.

I live in an extended stay apartment complex. They provide Wi-Fi Internet using a router connected to a Cox cable connection. I rarely see more than 5 megabits and the connection isn’t reliable. I’m not allowed to get wired Internet access and I’ve investigated wireless access (other than what the apartment complex provides). I simply cannot afford the wireless access prices.

Google Fiber in other Countries?

I’m sure some people will balk at the idea of Google Fiber in other countries but Google is an international corporation. It has offices all over the world. This includes the Philippines.

Google Fiber would be awesome in Olongapo City if it was offered at a competitive rate. $70 is about three times what the average “working” Filipino can afford. Of course, if a single connection is shared through a wireless mesh network, it would be more than affordable. It would still be faster than the top speeds offered by the current providers.

It’s a pipe dream, of course. I seriously doubt I’ll ever see the high speeds of the United States in the Philippines during the course of my lifetime. Of course, stranger things have happened.

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