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The Google Chromecast and Roku Streaming Sticks

Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player I’ve meant to buy a Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player for almost as long as it’s been available. I’ve procrastinated because I wouldn’t be using it until I return to the Philippines. Even then, I probably wouldn’t use it often. It’s not expensive at $35.00.

I just read about the Roku 3500R Streaming Stick for $49.99 and I don’t think it’s worth the extra $15.00 even if it does include a remote control unit. I’d be quite comfortable using my laptop and Google Chrome with the Google Cast extension to control the media I’d be streaming.

The Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

This little device can do exactly what I want it to do. After reading a review that asks if it’s worth getting, I’m even more inclined to get it before I leave the United States. So what if I can’t use most of the applications it supports? I don’t use those applications anyway.

I read the review on the Roku streaming stick and I wasn’t impressed. The only thing I see, which is touted as an improvement, is the remote control unit. The picture shows a remote control unit with four buttons I’d never touch. In other words, “meh”.

I’m still not completely sold on the idea of using the Google media player. Sure, I have a big screen TV in our house and sure I’m going to have a Wi-Fi connection set up, but I have to question how often I’ll actually bother with streaming any media at all. The fact that it’s only $35.00 wouldn’t make it a costly mistake. I’ve spent far more for some of my past mistakes.

Gadgets and Gizmos

I’m not one of those people who has to own the latest gadget or gizmo to keep up with everyone else. I don’t like smartphones and tablets and I don’t like having to fish out USB sticks when I need them. I already have a box of gadgets sitting in my closet in the Philippines waiting for my return.

Nevertheless, I’ll probably buy a Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player soon, if only to test it out here before I leave. The only Internet connection in my apartment complex is Wi-Fi and it’s the only Internet connection the apartment complex will allow. I have this laptop in the living room area and my wife has a 42-inch LCD TV in her bedroom (we sleep in separate rooms because my snoring keeps her awake).

Even if I get the Chromecast device set up here and it checks out, I probably won’t be using it. When I return to the Philippines, I doubt I’ll use it very often. Everything I want to watch is always available online and the size of my laptop screen suits me just fine. If I bother setting it up, I’ll be streaming the latest movie or something for the relatives that live around me there.

Frankly, I’ll probably be wasting my money, but I’m willing to waste $35.00. My relatives are probably going to be way more interested in singing karaoke using our latest karaoke machine than streaming videos to our big screen TV.

Perhaps I need to test the Chromecast device before coming to any real conclusions. I’m somewhat jaded by all the gadgets and gizmos coming out these days because many of them seem like solutions to nonexistent problems.

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By RT Cunningham
March 28, 2014
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