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I Will Soon Say Goodbye to WordPress as My CMS

Goodbye WordPress It’s been a good run, but it will soon be time to say goodbye to WordPress as my CMS. As I mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been waiting until I had something firm before ditching it.

I just put the finishing touches on a custom CMS. I’m in the process of finishing a script that reads all of my articles from the database and saves them to compatible text files.

Update July 19, 2019: This website is now using HHCMS. Unfortunately, I have to take the demo site offline. It has a lot of bugs in it, that didn’t show themselves until I finished moving everything here. I don’t plan to bring it back online until I’ve run this site as is for some time.

An Import/Export Script

I started writing the script early yesterday morning and I didn’t finish with it until late last night. The post_content contents after switching to block editor caused me a bit of grief, but I got over it.

With the old format, all I had to do was invoke the autop script to replace line breaks with paragraph tags. With the new format, I had to remove all the lines that started with <!— wp: and <!— /wp: before and after content sections. I didn’t really have to remove those lines because they wouldn’t have affected the display. I simply considered them so much extraneous garbage.

Although the script is done, I still have to copy images from one place to another. I have to keep the thumbnails and what the thumbnails link to, if anything, and discard the rest. I have to examine the original pages and make sure everything translates to the new pages properly. AdSense code for it doesn’t exist yet.

Speed is of No Concern

According to Alexa, the speed of this website is 1.043 seconds. That’s pretty fast considering I decided to leave Google’s AMP solution in the wind months ago. Will the new site be faster? Probably not. This site uses the Nginx FastCGI with PHP and the new one will use it as well.

I may be confusing you. HHCMS is a demo site, built using the software. The new site will be this site using that software instead of WordPress.

I’m Happy to Say Goodbye

For me, WordPress has always been overkill. Unfortunately, everything I found to replace it with was just as complicated. That’s precisely why I had to write my own. I may miss the WordPress Jetpack plugin, but I can get free stats with Clicky. I have never had 3000 daily page views (in over 13 years) and I doubt I ever will.

I may miss the Yoast SEO plugin, but after years of using it, I’m now familiar with what I need to check every time I write. Fortunately, I’m consistent in the mistakes I make.

How soon can I say goodbye? I’m not sure, but it should be just a few days. I have to thoroughly examine the new site before shuttering this one. It will temporarily reside on my laptop.

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By RT Cunningham
July 15, 2019
Web Development

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