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Golf Courses in the Philippines - Metro Manila and Subic Bay

golf If you like to play golf or you know someone who does, you have to know there are some great golf courses in the Philippines.

You don’t have to take my word for it. In fact, you can pretty much ignore anything I have to say about golf because the only time I’ve played it, it was on a computer or a game console. I gave up most outdoor activities when I joined the military at the age of 17.

Golf Courses in Metro Manila and at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone

An online contact sent me the link to an infographic at “The Retiree’s Guide to Golfing in the Philippines”. The text and the infographic mention Makati City and Bonifacio Global City, both in metro Manila, but those aren’t the only golf courses.

There are one or two golf courses at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, originally put there by the United States Navy after it was taken over from the Japanese at the end of World War II. Don’t ask me for dates because golf doesn’t interest me enough to look it up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a golf course exists at the Clark Economic Zone, next to Angeles City (which is like an hour away from Olongapo City by expressway). I’m way too lazy to look it up.

Golf Courses, Country Clubs and Golf Fanatics

Although I never spent any time on any golf course in the entire 20 years I served in the military. I knew a few people who did. I really think it was an excuse to drink beer more than the sport itself.

Some people like it for the social aspect more than the game. That’s why country clubs exist. Then there’s those that are fanatics about the game. It’s one thing to go play and it’s entirely something else to be glued to the television watching someone else play. Some golfers and wannabe golfers are as bad as American football, basketball and baseball fans.

I was encouraged to try my hand at golfing while in the military, almost to the point of being ordered to do so. I always found a way to get out of it. I really can’t see the point of chasing a ball I’ve hit from hole to hole for hours. But that’s just me. And… it’s a little too late in my life to suddenly develop an interest in it.

It’s not like anyone around me is into it. The number one sport in the Philippines, and in my neck of the woods, is basketball. The street I live on has two short courts set up, blocking traffic at any given time of the day.

Seriously. If I mention golf to anyone here, they’ll look at me like I’m an alien or something. I’ve had American visitors ask about it and that’s the kind of look they got too.

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By RT Cunningham
April 11, 2016