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Geckos Live In and Around My House and They Don’t Bother Me At All

geckos Geckos live in and around my house, and they’re welcome to stay as long as they want. They eat small roaches, moths and other insects. The only time they annoy me is when I accidentally step on one as it’s scurrying across the floor or when one of them decides it’s time to chirp or bark when I ‘m trying to sleep.

I find dead geckos all over the place, but I have to assume accidental deaths. I once found one in the door jamb of the refrigerator freezer, squished and frozen. How it got there I’ll never know.

I’ve been around Geckos since 1974

For those of you who’ve never been around any geckos, they’re just small lizards. They’re harmless. I saw my first group of them when my family moved to Hawaii in 1974. They would hang around in the same areas as the small insects, usually on the window screens or light bulbs left on at night. Close to their primary food sources, of course.

The next time was when I was in the military and stationed in Hawaii and on the island of Okinawa in Japan. I didn’t see them again until I was in Phoenix and only in one specific place. That’s when I learned geckos do push-ups to stay cool.

I moved from Phoenix to the Philippines and obviously, they’re all over the place here.

Geckos in General

As I mentioned, they do push-ups. Not really, but that’s what it looks like. If I go downstairs at night and flip on the light switch, I’ll always spot at least one of them scurrying to hide. I don’t know why they do it. I expect that behavior from cockroaches, but not from geckos. Maybe it’s the sudden light because they’re nocturnal.

They poop all over the place, but it just looks like dirt on the floor to me. Since we have a relative sweeping the floors of our house every day, I never see enough of it to bother me.

Please don’t ask me the differences in geckos. We obviously have house geckos (Hemidactylus), but the ones that hang out near the lights outside look exactly the same, small and gray.

Some people hate geckos. Some people fear them. Other people eat them. Yes, eat them. I’ve even seen the stray cats eating them when they can’t seem to find anything else to eat. Of course, the stray cats will eat most insects they can catch as well.

There are some creatures that bother me. Most of them are insects, spiders and other small nuisances. Lizards don’t unless they’re gigantic and when I say gigantic, I mean Gila Monster and Komodo Dragon gigantic. Basically, only when they’re big enough to eat me.

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By RT Cunningham
March 7, 2016
Animal Kingdom

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