Free Web Hosting Providers – Be Careful what you Wish for

free web hosting When I was researching static website hosting providers, I wasn’t researching free web hosting providers. Many of them fell into the same category with premium upgrade offerings. Static providers don’t offer things like database or PHP support at the basic level. Some of the free providers do.

Free blog hosting providers are mostly in the same category as the other free web hosting providers. The only real difference in most of them is the word “blog” instead of “web” or “website”. One or two providers (that I can’t remember) are blog only. That means you can’t create pages that don’t fit within the chronology.

Free Web Hosting Drawbacks

When I say be careful, I’m telling you to research whatever web host you decide to use. Very few want nothing in return.

Some free web hosting providers put their ads on your website. Obviously, some people find that acceptable. The free providers like that wouldn’t be in business if people complained or refused to use them.

Some of the free providers only want to put a link on all your pages. Again, some people find that acceptable.

Some of the free providers will host your domain name while others will only let you use a subdomain of their domain.

I have to point out that some of them only support static pages. No PHP, no database and no form support.

Free Web Hosting Providers with Good Reputations

I’ll only tell you about the ones I’m familiar with. I’ll also describe any potential drawback.

I’m sure there are many more. Just do a web search for “free web hosting” and avoid the results that are nothing more than ads.

Be Prepared

If you choose a free web hosting provider, keep a backup of everything. That’s mainly the text and the images you upload. I know a few people who lost everything when their websites were shut down by Blogger.

I won’t use free web hosting for a website I care about. With inexpensive web hosting, other than shared and managed hosting, I’m always in control of everything.

July 18, 2017

Web Development

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