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Fotoxx for Linux instead of IrfanView through Wine

Fotoxx Fotoxx is a native image editor for Linux. I recently wrote about using IrfanView on Linux Mint but I’m not using Linux Mint now. I replaced it with LXLE yesterday. I didn’t want to go through the ordeal of installing Wine and IrfanView again, so I started searching for a replacement. I found an article about Fotoxx at Weblog Mechanic from 2013 and decided to check it out. The distribution version was about as old as that article, so I installed it from the “.deb” file from Fotoxx’s download page.

The Fotoxx Interface

The interface is nothing like IrfanView. It’s clunky. It’s confusing. But it’s easy to learn and memorize.

I use it for basic image editing functions. I can trim (crop), rotate and resize using “Edit” or by right-clicking on the image. Sharpen is in the “Repair” menu. IrfanView can resize and sharpen in one step and that’s basically the only real annoyance.

The “Help” menu can bring up the user guide as a locally installed web page. I’ve only looked at it once but it’s what I’ll look at again if I need to figure out how to do something.

I used the panorama option in IrfanView a few times but I’ve yet to try it with Fotoxx. I’ve only used Fotoxx two times so far, for this article and the previous one. You can find panorama options in the “Combine” menu.

Image Resizing, WordPress or not

I’m using WordPress as my CMS and the image uploader creates multiple sizes of each image. I don’t have to upload anything but the original image, which I make sure isn’t more than 1024 pixels on the largest axis.

The project I’m working on is a simplified replacement for WordPress and the file uploader doesn’t manipulate images in any way. I suppose I could use a server-side image program, but it’s just as easy to create multiple images before uploading them one at a time. Of course, I’m still researching responsive images. If I can get away with one image upload, I’ll be happy.

Fotoxx isn’t Designed for Developers

It’s an image editor and collection program. It’s actually for photographers. The fact that Fotoxx can be used the way I use it is an extra benefit.

It isn’t the best image editor out there, but it’s free and open source (FOSS). I’ll be using it until I come across something better. That something betters isn’t something used in most circles. People rave about Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and the Gimp, and they rarely mention anything else.

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By RT Cunningham
March 23, 2016

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