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FOSS, Free and Open Source Software - Why Use Any Other Kind?

FOSS It’s my opinion only, but I believe people stay away from FOSS for a couple of reasons. The first, they don’t know it exists and the second, they’re afraid the quality isn’t as good as proprietary software.

I’ve been doing this a long time. Since 1994, I think, and Windows 3.11 (Windows for Workgroups). I’ve bought a lot of crappy software over the years, so the cost in itself cannot determine the quality.

FOSS Sources

Until recently, I didn’t actively seek out FOSS instead of propriety software. Now, I always check for FOSS before settling on anything proprietary. I don’t know of all the sources, only a couple. My sources, however, have more FOSS than I have time to examine.

My sources are FOSSHUB and F-Droid. FOSSHUB is for Windows and Linux software and F-Droid is for Android software. I know diddly about Apple or Macintosh software. I’ve never owned the hardware so it makes no sense to get the software.

You can also get some specialized software from Some of it should be FOSS but I haven’t investigated anything there yet.

FOSS Products

You may be using FOSS products without even knowing it. I know I’ve been using some for years without even thinking about it. According to FOSSHUB, this software is FOSS:

There are others that I haven’t used in years, at both sources. If you know of any other source or any other software you think I should be using on Windows, Linux or Android, please feel free to leave a comment. You don’t have to sign in to do so.

Do you still install software from CD or DVD? I can’t tell you how long ago I did that for the last time. I think it was way back at the beginning of the Windows XP days, around the year 2000. I can remember installing Window 95 from floppy diskettes and Windows 98 from CD before that.

Most software is downloaded these days, even the proprietary stuff. As I said, I’ll check my sources before I accept anything proprietary these days. I won’t use anything proprietary if it isn’t better or if it isn’t otherwise available.

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By RT Cunningham
January 8, 2019