Foreigner – Another of my Favorite Rock Bands from the 70s and 80s

Foreigner I was in Singapore in 1983 (it was one of many port calls while I was on military western pacific deployment) when I first acquired a cassette tape containing songs by Foreigner. I don’t remember if it was a “greatest hits” or “best of” album. It’s just been too many years.

I’m sure it was a pirate tape or whatever you want to call it. I was with other marines on a street where nothing but music was being sold. Single cassette albums were being sold for two Singapore dollars and if I remember correctly, equal to one United States Dollar.

My favorite Foreigner song wasn’t released until after I returned to the United States (Hawaii).


I have a few Foreigner songs in my music collection. I don’t keep compact discs or cassette tapes anymore – they’re all MP3 files now. I store them anywhere I can but mostly on large capacity USB flash drives and laptop hard drives.

I don’t listen to music as often as I used to but every once in a while, I binge listen. When I do that, I always include one or two songs from Foreigner.

When we have a party at my house (which isn’t as often as it used to be), I usually pick the songs with a faster pace. We have certain people who complain the slower music will put them to sleep. I think the alcohol they drink has a lot more with drowsiness than the music.

Cold as Ice – 1977


Double Vision – 1978

I Want to Know What Love Is – 1984

It seems that most of my favorite rock songs are from the period of 1978 to 1992. Heck, I think my favorites from other genres were produced during that period as well. My wife, Josie, likes this one more than I do:


October 23, 2016


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