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My Footwear Only Includes Athletic Shoes and Sandals

footwear The only footwear I own are athletic shoes and sandals. That is, unless you count socks as footwear. I have plenty of those.

I have four pairs of shoes because I’m looking at things long-term. Honestly, the only footwear I’ve paid for in the last 11 years are socks and some dress shoes I gave away.

Athletic Shoes

My older son, Joe, buys new athletic shoes more often than I can imagine. He’ll sometimes give me his old shoes. His old shoes usually look like they’re new.

Joe sent a jumbo-sized balikbayan box from England a few months ago. It included several pairs of athletic shoes, of various sizes. He not only sent his old shoes, he sent those of his two boys as well.

I could only wear a few of them. They sport the brand names of New Balance and Nike on them. I have wide feet and some of them were too narrow for me.

In the past, Joe’s given me athletic shoes made by Fila and others but that was years ago.


I have a pair of Nike sandals and a pair of Adidas sandals. They’re the slip-on type. I wear them over black socks and I wear them more often than anything else.

I have at least one pair of thong sandals, commonly called flip-flops, which I usually can’t find. Someone else will wear them and won’t put them back where they belong. I don’t think I’ve worn them more than twice.

Other Footwear

I’ve had a couple of pairs of dress shoes in the last 11 years. At some point I gave both of them to relatives who needed them more than I did.

I bought a pair of dress/work shoes at the Payless shoe store at the Ayala Mall at the freeport zone in 2015. That was a month or so before my younger son, Jon, got married here. They were built for work, but looked like dress shoes.

I don’t have to go anywhere in the Philippines that requires me to dress up. I don’t have a job to go to either. If I really need dress shoes, I’ll buy a new pair. I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future.

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By RT Cunningham
April 12, 2017