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Flattr Contributions instead of Display Advertising to Keep Me Funded

The Flattr micropayment service has been around a long time, since 2010. Founded by Peter Sunde in Sweden, it was acquired by Adblock Plus publisher Eyeo GmbH in 2017.

Although I’ve known about Flattr since it was created, I never thought to use that service until today. I’ve been using display advertising for this website since 2013 and it really isn’t a good fit anymore.

Update June 16, 2017: I can’t use Flattr. They won’t accept any of my identification documents and I sent everything I have. I deleted my account.

Flattr instead of Google AdSense

While I used Infolinks and other advertising platforms on other websites, the only thing I ever used here is Google AdSense. It worked well, for a while.

I don’t know what Google changed with one or more of their many animal-named algorithms. I’ve watched my web traffic, and accompanying revenue, dwindle for the last few years. I barely make enough these days to cover my web hosting, which is only $5.00 USD per month.

In reality, my AdSense revenue has been drying up faster than my web traffic. I can only attribute it to ad-blocking software and web browsers with ad blocking built in.

I signed up for Flattr today and I’m waiting for the account verification. My plan is to remove display advertising completely when my Flatter contributions reach $5.00 USD or more per month. I still need to tweak my profile.

I Hope Flattr will Keep Me Motivated

AdSense certainly doesn’t. If I won’t have to worry about paying for web hosting, I’m positive I’ll have a better outlook on things. I’m retired and drawing a pension. My budget doesn’t allow for unprofitable pastimes.

This is my Flattr profile link:


Please make a note of it if you feel inclined to contribute using this service. Micropayments adding up to 5.00 USD or more will be enough to pay my web hosting fees and allow me to remove display advertising permanently.

I want this website to be fast and clutter-free. Google AdSense display advertising hinders more than it helps.

June 7, 2018
Personal Finance

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