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Flat Earth Nonsense - One of Many Conspiracy Theories

flat earth I plan to write about various conspiracy theories over time. I started with this one because… The flat earth belief is the most insane of any I’ve ever heard. In recent history, that is. In ancient history, the belief was understandable even if it was wrong.

There is no flat earth proof, even if modern flat earth societies say it exists. Since science doesn’t support the belief in any way, like most similar conspiracies, it should be labeled as nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

Take a Long Plane Flight or Ride a Ship on the Ocean - Proof Against a Flat Earth

I’ve taken a lot of long flights, 12 or more hours, from the United States to the Philippines and back again. Paying attention to the time zone changes is enough to convince most people the earth is round.

Even at a high altitude, it’s easy to see the horizon moving backward. The horizon always moves backward. That in itself should prove the belief is nonsense.

I once rode a Navy ship from Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, traveling through the Suez Canal. That’s a lot of distance. The earth certainly didn’t look flat to me.

Where’s the Edge of the Flat Earth?

A flat earth requires an edge somewhere. I have literally traveled around the world, from the east to the west. I didn’t see any edge anywhere. Flat earthers can probably explain it somehow but I’m not inclined to listen.

If you go to YouTube and search for “flat earth”, you’ll see dozens of videos available. Are there really that many idiots in the world?

I once spent an entire afternoon watching some of those videos. I wanted to figure out the why of it all. Why believe in something that’s so easy to debunk? Perhaps these people have real mental problems or something. I know they believe governments are hiding things from the public - that’s where all the conspiracy theories come from, or so it seems.

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By RT Cunningham
December 22, 2017
Conspiracy Theories