You’re Either a Filipino or Married to One if…

Josie 2014 - Filipino Filipina Not only have I spent many years living around Filipinos, I’m married to a Filipino (Filipina) and I’ve adapted some of their traits.

It comes with the territory and from getting involved with her side of the family as well as her family friends. I recently stumbled upon a list of “truthisms”, written by someone at and posted on an obscure Facebook page. As usual, I don’t know how I found that Facebook page since I wasn’t looking for anything on it.

I’ve commented on the “facts” the best I could, immediately below them. My comments are italicized.

You know you’re a Filipino if…

I’m not Filipino, but I’ve been told I’m “Filipino-ized” (as opposed to a Filipino who is Americanized). Here are the “facts” I can comment on:

You could be Married to a Filipina if…

I’ve been married to a Filipino (Filipina) for nearly 30 years (January 2015 is the 30-year mark). I don’t think “married” is necessary. Just living with a Filipino for a while will have an effect on you.

July 12, 2014


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John Payne (2014)

You seem to have everything down to a T could not stop laughing…even learned a couple of new things and I have been married to a Filipina for 6 years and have 30 years experience in the country.

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