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File Sharing Applications I Use Several Times a Month

File sharing is one of the primary functions of the Internet. Sharing content is a good thing unless laws prohibit it. Sharing commercial media like movies and music is illegal unless you’re licensed to do so.

Netflix, iflix, Amazon Video and similar services are, in essence, licensed resellers of streaming video on demand. As far as I know, it’s illegal for private parties to do the same.

File Sharing – Device to Device

I copy my media using file sharing applications. It’s almost as easy to do it with USB cables, but the applications are much faster.

I like to use AirDroid to copy media from my laptop to my cell phone. I like to use SHAREit to copy media from mobile device to mobile device (other than a laptop).

Neither application is merely a file sharing application. Each can do much more even though I’ve never used them for anything else. There are similar applications but these two are the two I like.

Sharing files to multiple devices is illegal, according to content producers. The worst entities in this regard are the RIAA (music) and the MPAA (movies). In their publicized opinions, you have to buy copies to stay legal.

File Sharing Applications are Here to Stay

The content producers can’t control everything. They don’t want us having more than one copy of anything without paying for the extra copies. The distribution companies, including cable television companies, don’t think the way they do.

The content producers, as hard as they’ve tried over the years, can’t stop technology. It started as far back as the printing press. The distribution companies encourage us to buy devices that allow us to listen and watch when we want and where we want.

If the content producers had their way, file sharing applications would be illegal. They aren’t, of course. Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. As long as you’re only sharing with yourself (on different devices), it doesn’t hurt anyone. The content producers don’t deserve to get paid multiple times for the same thing, regardless of how many devices you have it on.

We pay for content, not the media that holds it. The sooner the content producers figure that out, the sooner they’ll be respected by people outside their industries.

My Devices

I have multiple laptops and a single cell phone. My wife, Josie, has only a single cell phone. She likes to watch videos in bed, using my cell phone. She reserves her cell phone for Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

The AirDroid file sharing application makes it easy for me to copy whatever we’re going to watch on any given day. Unless… my WiFi router has too many connections (from relatives). That’s the only time I’ll fall back to a USB cable. It takes more than three times as long to do so.

I don’t use the SHAREit file sharing application nearly as often. I only use it when I run out of room on my cell phone and have to use Josie’s cell phone.

September 23, 2017

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