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Fidget Spinners, Fidget Cubes and other Toys to Stop Fidgeting

fidget spinner I never would have known about fidget spinners if I hadn’t seen one of my many nephews playing with one. Okay, I probably heard about them in passing but I’m sure I would have ignored them if I did.

After I saw that particular nephew playing with his fidget spinner, I started to do a little research. That’s when I found out it’s really nothing more than an office toy. The implied medical benefits aren’t supported by enough research to back them up.

A Fidget Toy to Stop Fidgeting

There are dozens of toys (mostly office toys) designed to relieve stress or stop fidgeting. Some of the toys designed to relieve stress will also stop fidgeting.

Along with the fidget spinner, we have the fidget cube, the worry stone, the stress ball, the Newton’s cradle and more “toys” than I can think of at this moment.

Involuntary Fidgeting

Supposedly, these toys will help us stop fidgeting. I’m sure some of you were told to “stop fidgeting” by one adult or another when you were a child. I certainly was.

I have four brothers and all of us suffer from the same kind of nervous energy I have. We tend to bounce one of our legs without even knowing we’re doing it. My wife, Josie, likes to point it out when she sees me doing it around here.

I played with my nephew’s fidget spinner for about a minute before it bored me. It might not bore me in an environment where I’m prone to fidgeting, when I don’t have something else to occupy my attention.

A Waste of Money

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Most of the fidget toys are novelties. People buy novelty items because they’re interesting, at least at first.

Most people have one or more mobile computing devices with them, even children. I’m sure playing a game on a mobile phone or a tablet will stop people from fidgeting more than these toys will.

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By RT Cunningham
June 24, 2017
Entertainment and Recreation