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Fiber Internet isn’t in My Immediate Future - Too Many Issues

fiber internet Fiber Internet may be in my future but not my immediate future. My ISP, PLDT, isn’t making things easy for me. I didn’t expect any issues when I wrote about getting a fiber connection in June. Other than being told it isn’t available on my street yet, that is.

When my daughter-in-law, Cathy, was at their local office dealing with my disconnection in May, a PLDT customer service representative told her it was available here. I have no way of verifying if that is even true.

A Short Story

To understand my predicament, I have to explain that every house number after a twist in the road is exactly the same. My in-laws have lived on their property (which is actually mine) since 1988. It was a dirt road back then, when it wasn’t muddy from rain. The house number for all these houses is still the same.

When I order something from Lazada or Cathy orders food for delivery from Jollibee, we have to tell them it’s the house at the end of the road or they will never find us.

I applied for fiber Internet online, just so I could be sure it was available on this street. Instead of approving or disapproving it, a customer service representative from the Manila office called me for information.

The representative asked me if I knew a particular person. I replied that I didn’t. He then said I needed to give them a notarized statement of denial for that person. I tried to explain about the house number situation but he wouldn’t listen. He told me they would continue processing the application when I provided them with that statement.

Fiber Internet isn’t that Important to Me

I have a stable DSL connection, although it’s not in my name. A sister-in-law had it turned on right before I returned to the Philippines in 2014.

It wasn’t always stable but things have improved over the years. Customer service isn’t one of them. PLDT’s telephone customer service is completely automated and doesn’t even give me an option for the issues I get from time to time. I have to wing it every time I call (which really isn’t often). Seriously, my issues usually involve a storm or an errant truck driver hitting a pole and taking down lines.

I am not going to give PLDT a notarized statement. Notaries cost money and I have to go downtown and see a lawyer to get my signature notarized. Not only that, but hundreds of people live at the same house number. Will I have to do it again when someone else doesn’t pay their bill?

I walked up and down the street the day the CSR called me. The only wires running from pole to pole are electrical, telephone and cable (for cable TV). PLDT would have to string up at least one wire for fiber Internet. I seriously doubt they would do that for one potential customer. I’m not jumping through hoops only to be told fiber Internet isn’t available to me yet.

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By RT Cunningham
July 9, 2017