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Fiber Internet should be My Primary Connection Next Month

fiber optic cable I should be able to get a fiber Internet connection next month. It’s important to understand that it’s a connection light years ahead of any other kind.

I’ve wanted to switch from DSL to fiber ever since the day I found out it was being offered by PLDT, my ISP. I’ve been anxiously waiting for Olongapo to be listed as a “fibr area” (they use “fibr” instead of “fiber”).

Even though Olongapo still isn’t listed, it’s available in my neighborhood according to my daughter-in-law, Cathy. She went to their office with my wife, Josie, when I suffered a disconnection and that’s what she was told by a sales representative.

The Slowest Fiber Speed is Better than my DSL Speed

The problem with DSL, cable and dial-up connections is that the upstream speeds are always fractions of the downstream speeds. Even though I have an 8-megabit (now 8383 kbps according to the modem/router) downstream speed, my DSL upstream speed is only 766 kbps. The upstream speed is less than 10 percent of the downstream speed.

I restricted Wi-Fi access last year, not really knowing what caused the connection problems. Well, I discovered that when anyone starts uploading photos to Facebook or Instagram, the downstream connection disappears until they’re done.

With fiber, the upstream speed matches the downstream speed. The slowest offering from PLDT is 5 megabits, for both directions. I probably wouldn’t have to worry about the downstream being interrupted by uploads anymore. I’ll have to test things to know for sure.

If things go as they should, I’ll get the 20-megabit plan. It will still be less expensive than what I’m paying for an 8-megabit DSL connection now and more than twice as fast.

I Hope it all Works Out

If the PLDT representative was telling the truth and I don’t have to wait for a cable to be strung up, I should be rocking with fiber Internet next month. If not… I’m going to complain loudly to anyone at PLDT who will listen.

My DSL connection is in a sister-in-law’s name. She had it turned on before I returned in December of 2014. Depending on how long it takes for things to take place, I may have to pay for DSL for an additional month.

As it stands, I don’t have to pay anything until next month. The extra payment Josie made in the middle of May worked out to be my payment for June.

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By RT Cunningham
June 2, 2017