FeedBurner still works for RSS Feeds

FeedBurner isn’t dead yet and I can prove it. But it doesn’t matter. We don’t know when (or if) Google will decide to shut it down. Google’s other RSS products were shuttered years ago and the only support FeedBurner seems to get is maintenance by some Google employees.

It’s far better to look for an alternative than it is to rely on something unknown. Unknown, as in how long it will exist.

Checking out FeedBurner

I haven’t used FeedBurner in years. I stopped using it completely when WordPress started offering an RSS to e-mail option with the Jetpack plugin. Since some of the themes I use have a FeedBurner URL as an option built in, I decided to check it out shortly after I published my previous article.

Everything still works the way it did when I stopped using it. I realize some of the developer tools are gone, but I never used those anyway.

I considered subscribing to my feed but I decided against it. I’m sure it still works exactly the same. The Google people seem to have a handle on it, as their status blog indicates.

Checking out the Alternatives

I’ve read more articles than I care to remember, including this one. I haven’t tested any of the alternatives but I’ve examined what someone would receive from some of them and they weren’t pretty.

The one alternative that I like is RevResponse. I’ve had an account with them for years and I’ve never used them. I like the RSS to e-mail feature even though it includes an advertising banner. I still can’t use them. There’s an item that needs to be fixed and I’d rather wait for them to fix it instead of canceling the account and starting fresh.

Why am I investigating anything at all? Because I’m probably going to make this website 100 percent static at some time in the near future. The subscription options available with the Jetpack plugin won’t work without the CMS infrastructure in place. FeedBurner and the alternatives work without it.

I Discovered Something Else

I was concerned I’d have to write a custom script to keep the results of the staging site in sync with the production site. I completely forgot about rsync. I guess I won’t have to write a script for it after all.

What does this have to do with FeedBurner? Nothing, really. I wouldn’t be doing the research on syncing anything if I wasn’t doing research on alternatives to FeedBurner, that’s all.

I’ll probably discover a few other things before I decide to transition over to a static production site. I know I won’t be using FeedBurner, but I don’t know much of anything else at this point.

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