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Our Second Family Reunion - I Hope to Avoid Another

family reunion I have to be clear about this. It was the second Militante family reunion. I don’t think my side of the family has ever had one and I doubt they ever will. Even if we ever do, I won’t go unless I’m already in the United States for some other reason.

The first Militante family reunion took place on January 25, 2015, which coincided with me and my wife’s (Josie) 30th wedding anniversary. A black and white picture of most of the attendees is at the top of my Facebook profile.

The second reunion took place yesterday. I hope it’s the last one I have to take part in. I don’t like large crowds, regardless of who they are.

The Family Reunion and Shirt Colors

Each family, with the base starting at my deceased father-in-law’s level, was supposed to wear specific shirt colors. Ours was supposed to be maroon. They couldn’t find one large enough for me to wear.

At first thought, you might think it wouldn’t fit over my gut but I couldn’t fit it over my chest. I ended up wearing a polo-style shirt with white and maroon stripes that I’ve had for years.

A couple of younger children ended up wearing purple because they couldn’t find shirts small enough to fit them.

One family wore blue and another family wore white.

The Family Reunion and the Number of People

The 2015 reunion had a lot more people involved. This time, I noticed we were missing at least two people from this area. One niece probably wouldn’t have shown up if someone asked her in person. One nephew is working in Japan.

Two visiting relatives, who were on vacation, departed for the United States the day before.

The Family Reunion, Entertainment and Food

If it wasn’t for the food and entertainment, I would have stayed in my room. We had some dance programs, including a folk dance with candles. We had karaoke. Almost every party here includes karaoke.

The food was catered. It included chop suey, chicken cordon bleu and a pastry. We had soft drinks, beer, brandy, rum and flavored gin. I think I was the only one who drank the rum.

Josie and her Aunt Sarah coordinated everything, just like last time. This time, our back yard was fairly level and fenced in. Last time, we hadn’t even started filling it in with dirt. I hope the next time Sarah visits (she left today), they’ll skip the reunion.

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By RT Cunningham
April 16, 2017