Facebook Issues on a Tablet and Irritating Skype Issues

Facebook When my wife (Josie) calls me from England, she wants to see my face. Up until a few days ago, Skype worked flawlessly on both the Samsung Galaxy S3 she’s using and the laptop computer I’m using. One day, and from then on, everything froze if we used video at all. So, we decided we might as well use Facebook’s Messenger app on our phones. For voice only calls, it works just as well as Skype. Well, I’m not the only one she wants to talk to on this end and one of her sisters-in-law (Cora) was supposed to get Facebook and Messenger set up on the family tablet. As always with anything tech-oriented, Cora ran into problems.

Facebook Issues

Cora isn’t tech-oriented at all. She’ll soon be 40 and up until recently, she had never touched anything more complicated than the old-style cell phones. She always relied on her two teen-aged sons for anything more complicated.

Both of her sons tried to set her up on Facebook, on the tablet I gave them back in December. They tried more than a couple of times, creating new accounts each time. The problem was that she could never log back in, even though she used the right user name and the right password.

The next morning, I tried to make a go of it. I ran into the same problem. For no reason other than curiosity, I used the e-mail address for the master Google account on the tablet and her password and it worked. While still on Facebook, I changed it to the correct e-mail address. I don’t know if it’s a bug in the Facebook app or not, but I’m willing to bet it is.

Now Josie can call Cora without me having to trudge down the stairs and over to Cora’s house to give her my phone to use. In fact, she can call anyone out and about in the compound without me having to do anything. I usually just lean my head out a window and yell for people, but that gets old really fast.

Skype Issues

When I called the PLDT broadband repair line earlier in the week, the first message played spoke of a serious network issue they were trying to resolve. I don’t know if that’s what causes Skype video to freeze or if it was the latest Skype update that installed itself this last weekend.

I’m sure the Skype video issue will be resolved sooner or later. At present, I’m actually quite glad I don’t have to sit at the computer so Josie can see my face. She likes to talk for an hour or more each time and sometimes up to five times a day.

Things will get simpler when Josie returns from England in August, but not necessarily better. When we’re together, we don’t talk much at all. When she’s away, we talk all the time. When she’s here, she’s constantly distracted by her sisters and brothers and their families and sometimes by her mother.

As far as Facebook and Skype go, neither will be an issue when Josie’s here. Our son in England likes to do the video thing with her, but he can live without it. Our son in Texas rarely uses video – he rarely calls.

April 9, 2015


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