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Facebook Rules of Engagement - Don’t Waste My Time

Facebook After a recent turn of events, I’ve decided to publish my “Facebook Rules of Engagement”. What it really means is that I’m not putting up with the nonsense anymore.

Like a moron (and I’ll tell you a moron joke before I’m done), I started accepting tons of Facebook friend requests until a few days ago. I don’t know what sparked the influx of requests but I’m slowing them down now.

Pruning my Facebook Friends List

As of today, I have more than 1,200 Facebook friends. I would have to say I know less than a hundred of them, although I haven’t bothered to count. At the beginning of September, I only had about 550. What happened?

I thought I was accepting friend requests from friends of friends but I really don’t know why all these people suddenly wanted to be my Facebook friends.

Nevertheless, enough is enough. When I reached more than 1,300, I started “unfriending” people. I started with people who weren’t living in the United States, in the Philippines, in Canada or in the United Kingdom.

I continued with the people trying to sell me something. I had a couple of people tag me with a group of people trying to sell me a house. I don’t need a house - I own the one I live in. Anyway… there are people who friend me just to try to sell to me.

I then learned that unfriending doesn’t completely sever the connection.

Blocking and then Unblocking on Facebook

I don’t know how many people I unfriended altogether. After I finished, or thought I finished, I discovered 100 people following me (who weren’t my Facebook friends). Most of them were the people I had just unfriended. The only way to get rid of those “following” connections was to block them.

I then proceeded to unblock all of them (except for a few relatives I’ll never unblock) because it didn’t restore them as following. If I unfriend any more people, I’ll have to remember to block and unblock them as well. I’ll have to be careful not to block people who intend to follow without friending. This time, I simply had no choice in the matter.

Facebook Rules of Engagement

From now on, I’ll check the profile of any person I’m considering accepting a friend request from. I will not accept a friend request from:

There are exceptions, of course. I have friends living in Belgium who are also my Facebook friends.

I’ll automatically unfriend people who ask me for money (for whatever reason) either in a private message or on Facebook Messenger or people who try to sell me things.

If a person simply posts too much nonsense about a specific subject, I’ll merely unfollow that person while keeping that person as a Facebook friend. I can always go to the profile page to see what I missed (intentionally or not).

I’m a Moron

I had social links to my profile on this website before my last redesign. I also had share links. Now I only have the share links. I get very little web traffic coming from Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

So here’s the joke:

A big moron and a little moron were sitting on a fence. The big moron fell off and the little one didn’t. He was a little “more on” to begin with.

Okay, go ahead and groan.

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By RT Cunningham
October 18, 2017
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