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A Very Extended Visit with Our Children in the United States

jet aircraft - visit My wife, Josie, and I will soon be heading to the United States for an extended period of time to visit family. We already have the tickets. For the sake of personal safety, I can’t mention the date or the route we’re taking. Not even the name of the airlines.

It’s not a vacation. It’s an extended visit to the United States. We’re already on vacation, permanently. We’re both retired and living in the Philippines on my pension. I’d like to know what it is if it isn’t a permanent vacation.

The First Visit will be with Our Older Son and His Family

Our first visit is with them for a very good reason. Joseph and his wife, Diann, paid for the tickets. The tickets, for the Philippines to Florida, were expensive. It would take us more than a year to save up that kind of money. Diann is in the Air Force and stationed there.

Joseph has already set up a spare room with a bed for me and Josie. I’m sure it will be comfortable enough, at least for me. I can sleep almost anywhere.

The Second Visit will be with our Younger Son and His Wife

Our younger son, Jonathan is in the Army and stationed in Hawaii. Our daughter-in-law (his wife), Cathy, lived with us here in the Philippines until recently. She’s with him in Hawaii now. Not only do they need their first few months living together to be exclusive, she needs time to get adjusted to living away from the Philippines.

We’ll visit them as soon as we save enough money to buy our own tickets from Florida to Hawaii. Even so, we’ll probably be in Florida through to the new year. Jon and Cathy don’t have any children yet. New Year’s celebrations are always more fun with kids around.

Dreading the Traveling Part of the Visit

I hate traveling by airplane for so many hours. A short trip of only a couple of hours is okay. The longer flights bother me because I can’t stretch my long legs. My lower left leg swells due to old injuries and the cramped passenger seats don’t help any.

Even long trips in a car bother me these days. When Cathy was going back and forth from Manila, getting things done for her visa to the United States, Josie went with her but I stayed at home.

In other words, I like to visit but I don’t like to travel.

We’re Not Moving

I have to say it before someone assumes we are. We own our house in the Philippines and I have a permanent resident visa. Josie is a dual citizen.

As long as I return to the Philippines in time to renew my ACR I-Card in 2022, I can stay out of the country as long as I want. My plan is for us to take turns visiting one family or the other for six or seven months at a time for a couple of years (unless Josie disagrees). We’ll be feeding ourselves, of course.

Keeping the electricity and water on in our house won’t cost us much since it won’t be occupied. Our relatives will go inside once or twice a month to keep it clean.

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By RT Cunningham
April 24, 2018
Travel and Transportation