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When an Expensive Cell Phone is Completely Unnecessary

Samsung Galaxy S4 - cell phone There are many situations when an expensive cell phone is completely unnecessary. Why would you buy a top-of-the-line Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy cell phone when a relatively low-end phone would work as well for your needs?

Why spend more than you need to spend? Are you trying to impress someone? My wife, Josie, is a case in point and I’m not much better.

Josie’s Expensive Cell Phone is a Waste of Resources

I use my cell phone for a lot more than she does, but I could probably use an inexpensive one to do what I do. The only things Josie uses her cell phone for regularly is Facebook, Facebook Messenger and making standard phone calls. She’ll use the camera on occasion and she’ll check her calendar at times. That’s about it, I think.

Sometimes I think mine is a waste of resources as well. I use my laptop computer way more than the cell phone.

Josie’s Samsung Galaxy S3 is on the fritz. After troubleshooting it or hours, I determined it was the antenna causing the problem. It would only connect to Wi-Fi if I was within a foot of the router. I switched the Facebook and Skype accounts to hers on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and she’s using my phone until we get hers fixed.

Our Cell Phone Sources

The first cell phones we had were the O+ low-end models we got from Smart Communications when we signed up. That was a big mistake. I didn’t know each had insufficient storage issues. They couldn’t be used for much more than the apps that were preinstalled on them.

Josie spent nearly six months with our older son, Joseph, and his family in England in 2015. When she returned to the Philippines, she brought an S3 and an S4 with her. Joseph gave her the S3 and our other son, Jonathan, gave her the S4. He had mailed it to her there.

When the contract expired from Smart Communications, we switched to SIM-only plans at Sun Cellular. I didn’t know until then that Smart and Sun are both subsidiaries of PLDT, the land line and DSL provider.

We had to unlock both phones at someplace downtown. A relative took care of it and I didn’t ask. Until a few days ago, we never had problems with either cell phone. When we get Josie’s cell phone fixed, I’ll have the technician check mine. A loose or disconnected antenna seems to be a known issue with older phones.

An Inexpensive Cell Phone is All I Need

Honestly, I can do without the big-brand complex. The nieces and nephews running around our compound are living proof that an inexpensive cell phone is all I need. It’s all Josie needs. The next time we need replacements, we can go to any local store that sells them. Or we can order what we want from Lazada. Perhaps even Amazon if the company ever sets up shop here.

Other than big brands, I don’t remember brand names very well. I’ve done a lot of online window shopping. I’ve seen a lot of unknown brands selling cell phones with similar specs. They sell at a fraction of the price. Again, why spend hundreds on a cell phone when I can spend far less to do what I need to do?

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By RT Cunningham
January 14, 2018
Cell Phones