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Evan Williams Honey Whiskey Versus Everything Else

Evan Williams honey whiskeyLike everyone else in the world, my tastes change. This is especially true when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Evan Williams Honey is now my favorite beverage, but only on the rocks. Although the label says “Evan Williams Honey”, it’s a straight bourbon whiskey infused with a honey liqueur.

As I’ve mentioned before with honey whiskey, I’ve tried multiple brands. I can’t always find Evan Williams Honey and I have to settle for what I can get. More often than not, I’m stuck with Jim Beam Honey. I prefer the taste of the Evan Williams version.

To understand me and my alcohol tastes, I have to provide you with the back story.

Rum and Coke Forever

I used to hang out at rock music clubs. It started with a place called “Bojangles” in Yuma, Arizona in 1981. They had a happy hour which lasted two hours (go figure). Pay a cover charge and drink as many well drinks as you can handle. And I handled a lot. I tried all kinds of cocktails with names like “Piña Colada” (rum), “7 and 7” (whiskey) and “Tequila Sunrise” (tequila). I tried cocktails I can’t remember the names of.

Whiskey and Coke was okay, but I always ended up with a rum and Coke before long (and I have no idea what the house brand of rum was). By the time happy hour was over I was usually ready to head home, unable to drive. Luckily, the club I favored was within walking distance.

When I returned to Yuma in late 1984, Bojangles didn’t exist - the club had burned to the ground. It probably reopened with another name somewhere else but it doesn’t matter. I got married a couple of months later and my club-hopping days were pretty much over. I took my wife (Josie) to a couple of rock clubs in our first year of marriage, but we both lost interest in that sort of thing.

For my last couple of years in the Philippines (which where I actually live), I practically lived on rum and Coke. Tanduay rum to be exact. At less than $2.00 per 750 milliliter bottle, Tanduay did what I expected it to do quite nicely. The local Filipinos prefer Emperador Light brandy, but I always found it to be too harsh for my tastes. Anyway, I cut way down on alcohol after I arrived in the United States in 2018.

Cutting Down on Sugar

When I decided to eliminate sugar from my diet, it meant eliminating Coke as well. The corn syrup in soft drinks still becomes glucose in the body, so it may as well be the same thing as sugar. The honey in Evan Williams Honey may as well be the same thing as sugar, but there’s a lot less of it and I can live with it.

Drinking honey whiskey is like drinking a cocktail, albeit a much stronger cocktail than most. I’ve tried the Jim Beam and Wild Turkey versions and less than a shot of the Jack Daniel’s version. If I’m not mistaken, all of them are 70 proof (or 35 percent).

I don’t like drinking bourbon or scotch whiskey by itself, but I like honey whiskey by itself (with ice). Two drinks and I’m done for the day. I probably could have handled twice as much when I was a decade younger. I can sneak in a beer or two or a glass of wine or two every one in a while, but the only thing either of those drinks do for me is send me to the bathroom more often than necessary.

Just like spirits, I’m particular with my beer and wine. My beer favorites are the darker varieties of Guinness, Yuengling, Dos Equis and even Michelob. While Josie likes sweet red wine, I prefer the much lighter blush. I absolutely detest wines made with anything but grapes and believe me, I’ve tried more than a few over the years.

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By RT Cunningham
November 3, 2019
Food and Drink