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U.S. Embassy Manila Outreach and Other Services

U.S. Embassy Every once in a while, one of my expat Facebook friends will post the outreach news for the U.S. Embassy in Manila. The address for the page they get it from is: News & Events

There’s another useful page for retired U.S. military expats who have authorized military dependents: DOD ID Card. I don’t know if they renew retired military ID cards (non-dependents). Mine expires when I’m 65.

Embassy Outreach versus Going to the Embassy

Unless you live in Manila (and sometimes even if you do), getting to the embassy is a royal pain. The traffic is horrible. I’m sure it’ll get better eventually, possibly when all the expressways get done.

Years ago, and I don’t know when it stopped, Americans could “walk in” to the embassy if they had proper identification. That’s no longer the case. Services are now provided by appointment only. Some appointments are a month or more in the future. I’m sure they have an emergency number to call but I’ve never attempted to find out about it.

The outreach service is a much better idea if you can wait for it. The current outreach news states they’ll be accompanied by social security, citizenship and immigration, and VA representatives.

I don’t know when the dependent ID card for my wife (Josie) expires. It may already be expired - we never have any reason to look at it. We have to make an embassy appointment to renew it. I seem to remember a previous embassy outreach for ID cards, but I don’t remember the details. That could be a false memory from somewhere else.

While the page for it doesn’t specifically state it, we should bring our marriage certificate and Josie’s birth certificate. They require three forms of ID. I think we have that covered.

The U.S. Embassy Outreach is a Good Deal

Not only does it save us from traffic migraines, it saves us money on transportation expenses. The cost of fuel and the toll fees for the expressways can add up quickly.

The next outreach here will be at a hotel at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. That less than six kilometers away no matter which of the entrance gates we use.

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By RT Cunningham
January 10, 2018