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Edible Six-Pack Rings - The Type Used for Beer and Soda

six-pack Edible six-pack rings. Why did it take so long to think of this? Regardless, nothing makes me think the human race stands a chance more than an innovation that can replace something that damages our planet and kills off marine life (before they can be eaten, of course).

These edible six-pack rings were created by a small-time craft beer brewery, using the waste products from beer brewing – wheat and barley. The “waste” products may no longer be of any use for beer, but they’re still edible and probably still contain a ton of nutrients.

Edible Six-Pack Rings - The Video

When I saw this on Facebook, I searched for the source (the video on Facebook wasn’t it). I found the oldest version of it on YouTube. It’s amazing how many copycats download it and re-upload it like it was something they made. [Almost two years later, I had to use one of the copycat videos to replace the one that’s no longer available.]

If any company deserves an award for “outside of the box” thinking, it’s the SaltWater Brewery.

This is a Big Deal

I’ve seen the pollution containing plastic six-pack rings since I was a teenager and that’s been decades. I’ve seen them everywhere and I’ve definitely seen them floating at the surface of three oceans (the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian). I’ve never seen a landfill that didn’t have any lying around.

Years ago, researchers found a way to make plastic jugs (for milk and juice) break down when exposed to UV light (like sunlight). It was a way to remove the appearance of litter more than to help the environment. These edible six-pack rings help the environment, whether they get eaten or not.

While they’re emphasizing six packs of beer, it applies equally to soda (or pop or soda pop, depending on where you live). I’m guessing, but I’m willing to bet there’s as many from soda as there are from beer.

Locally, I never see people buying six-packs of beer. It’s either individual beer bottles or cases of 18. At the Royal Subic store, at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, I’ve seen stacks of six-packs of soda, along with cases of 24.

A Little Humor

I have a big belly, but it’s not a beer belly. Honestly, I don’t know where “beer belly” came from because most beer drinkers don’t have big bellies. In my case, it’s from not getting enough exercise, eating too much tasty food and stuff like that.

My nieces and nephews, ranging from 10 to 38, like to poke fun at my belly from time to time (while ignoring the other relatives who have bellies at least as big as mine). I tell them that I used to have a six-pack (and I really did, back when I was in the military). Now I have the whole damn case.

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By RT Cunningham
May 23, 2016