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Dukto – A File Sharing Application that Works without the Internet

The last time I wrote about file sharing applications, I didn’t know about Dukto. I found it because I’m an impatient person. I don’t like to wait.

Recently, when I started having problems with connecting to the website for AirDroid, I looked for an alternative. For me, the alternative I found will serve me better than anything else.

Dukto Works without the Internet

When one of the people using my WiFi connection starts uploading files, most of the other people can’t do anything at all. I don’t want to wait 30 minutes or more because someone wants to upload the latest party video. Especially when what I want to do will take less than five minutes.

I found Dukto here. It works whether an Internet connection is available or not. There’s a version of the application for Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, Linux and Android. Downloading and installing it is the best way for Linux Mint, using the Ubuntu version.

Using Dukto

All I’ve done so far is transfer a couple of large files to see how well it works. It works flawlessly until the screen times out on my phone. Even a one-gigabyte file takes less than 10 minutes to transfer so increasing the timeout to 10 minutes solves that problem. Of course, touching the screen to keep it from timing out also works.

I’m not going to explain how to use Dukto. I didn’t read anything and I figured it out in a couple of minutes. If you can’t figure it out without instructions, you’re better off using something else.

File Sharing

I used USB to transfer files when I had an old phone. That version of Android didn’t restrict file transfers. The newer versions of Android force me to use protocols that are way slower.

I switched to AirDroid when I found myself in a hurry. It was faster than USB. Now, Dukto is even faster than AirDroid. Why? Because I don’t have to connect to a third-party before connecting two devices together.

September 30, 2017

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