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Driveway to Carport Upgrade - One of many Home Improvement Projects

driveway carport Our carport spent several years as a simple driveway. We decided to improve it during a typhoon in 2016, when we saw corrugated roofing material from other houses flying through the air.

We had the carport finished before the year was over.

I bought my car in 2015. I don’t want it to suffer from storm damage before I pay off my car loan. Naturally, I don’t want it to ever suffer from storm damage. Paying for repairs will be easier when I’m no longer paying off the loan.

Our Driveway

The original driveway is still there, including the safety rails on both sides. The flooring is cement, which doubles as the roof for the large space below it. You can see a piece of it in the picture I used for my house and lot article. My previous car was in the driveway when it was originally written.

We didn’t rebuild. The carport is an add-on, built with stainless steel for the support structure and aluminum for the roofing material.

The fence for the gate isn’t very strong and it required an extra support bar. A bar going across the front of the carport structure is now welded to the fence and that extra support bar is gone.

Our Carport

While the carport is sturdy, we made a mistake. Well, kinda sorta. The window, which is at the top landing of the stairway, is too high. Part of the carport support structure covers the top of it. But that’s okay.

We intend to replace the window with a door, which will include a window. We’ll still have to change the rear support bar because it’s level with my forehead. Why a doorway and a door? Why not just an adjusted window?

The driveway is somewhat level with the street and the second floor of the house. If I’m upstairs and I want to go somewhere, I have to go downstairs and then upstairs to the street. Having a doorway there means I won’t have to wear out my knees so much.

The Paint Color

The original safety rails are maroon. The carport structure, except for the ceiling, is maroon. My wife, Josie, likes various shades of red (except pink). The roof of the house is Spanish red, as is the roofing on the dirty kitchen and laundry room extension.

The outside parts of the house (including the roof), carport and fencing (front and back) are combinations of maroon, Spanish red and medium brown. the only white is the underside eves of the roofing on the house. Before we can continue with any other home improvement projects, we have to repaint everything, inside and out.

We have earthquake cracks repaired both inside and out but no paint to cover the cracks. Because all the paint should match, we can’t just buy a gallon or two and expect it to match. The driveway has no cracks at all, even after three major earthquakes. I told Josie our carport will last longer than any other part of the house because of all the rebar used for the driveway and all the steel used for the carport structure.

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By RT Cunningham
July 11, 2017
House and Home

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