The Doobie Brothers – What does Doobie mean anyway?

- October 28, 2016

The Doobie Brothers When I was young (and I was only 11 when “Listen to the Music” by The Doobie Brothers was released), I didn’t really follow any specific musical artists. Frankly, it wasn’t possible. My older sisters controlled the radios and the record player (some people call them “turntables”).

I only remember a few of their songs from before 1976, when Michael McDonald joined the band. In fact, most of the songs I can remember from The Doobie Brothers are from the Michael McDonald era. When I listen to their music now, I like the pre-1976 music better.

The Doobie Brothers

The Philippines was both the first and the last port call while I was deployed aboard a Navy ship in 1983 and Olongapo City is right next to the former Subic Bay Naval Base. One thing Olongapo had going for it at the time (and some would argue this point) was the dozens of night clubs, each with their own bands. Most of the bands were cover bands.

Some of the cover bands focused on music by Journey and Queen and at least one focused on The Doobie Brothers. One of the band members sounded exactly like Michael McDonald when he sang.

I, of course, included quite a few titles from multiple albums by The Doobie Brothers in my music collection over the years. To be honest, I didn’t know some of the Michael McDonald songs weren’t from when he was with The Doobie Brothers. I incorrectly named a lot of MP3 files.

My MP3 collection is huge. It eats up more than 20 gigabytes today. That doesn’t even include country songs (unless they crossed over to the pop charts). I’m not a big country fan. If I make a mistake in naming some of the files, it can take me forever to correct my mistake.

Listen to the Music – 1972

Black Water – 1974

What A Fool Believes – 1978



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