Close – Another Installment in an Ongoing Scam Has it been another month already? I didn’t think so. The perpetrators of this scam moved from the domain name to the domain name in less than a month.

This is getting annoying and I really don’t want to go on reporting on the scam as it progresses. I feel like it’s my duty to do so, however, so I’ll continue.

I guess I can stop reporting on the scam when the perpetrators stop scamming people. This, in itself, is probably wishful thinking.

Like those before it, you won’t get paid by

I honestly don’t know the point of the scam. Perhaps it’s to get the unwitting participant to fill out surveys and other such nonsense. Perhaps the perpetrator (or perpetrators) is making money out of all this.

Or perhaps they’re just collecting valid e-mail addresses to sell to some spamming organizations.

This Ongoing Scam

I may be reporting on this every month from now on (or more often), which may seem like forever. My goal is to get anyone who searches for any of the domain names involved to end up at one of my articles about it.

So far, I’ve reported on:

That’s four domain names so far. If I make it to 12 (which seems likely now), I’ll be seriously disturbed by all of this. Wait, I’m already disturbed.

Here’s a Better Way to Make Money

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Update June 28, 2017

I just received a message from a reader indicating they are also using as yet another domain name. I went there and it’s an exact duplicate.

June 18, 2017

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