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I See Dead People - Yes, They’re Really Dead

zombie - dead people Okay, so I stole the line, “I see dead people”, from a movie. It was the “The Sixth Sense”, one of my all-time favorite supernatural horror-thriller movies.

I actually see dead people all the time, but not the kind that return as zombies or ghosts. I see them in caskets most of the time, but I’ve seen some before being put into caskets (sometimes way before). I prefer not to remember those images. As far as I can remember, I’ve never seen any of them return from the dead in any way, shape or form.

Real Dead People

Superstitious people think they see the dearly departed far more often than the people who aren’t superstitious. The non-believers are susceptible at times because they try to explain the unexplainable in their own minds.

It’s ridiculous to think the dead would want to have anything to do with the living. Living people do the things they do and behave the way they do because they have human bodies. Dead people aren’t concerned with hunger, sex and a lot of the other nonsense we deal with every day. As a believer in the afterlife and evil spirits, I think most of what people think they see are demons masquerading as departed loved ones.

I’m reminded of all this when I lose someone I know. One of my nieces (2-years old) died last month and the Filipinos did their customary things. There’s this thing about nine consecutive days after death and then there’s this thing about 40 days after death. I don’t understand the custom so I can’t even disagree with it.

Entertainment about the Dead

Some groups of people probably think it’s sacrilegious to make fun of dead people or anything that doesn’t show them in the best light. I don’t belong to any such group and I never will. The bodies are called “remains” for a reason. They’re what’s left when souls leave, serving as nothing more than reminders of memories.

People are morbid in a way. We like to be entertained by stories (mostly movies and TV shows) about the supernatural. Some people like being scared by what they see. Zombies and ghosts are a part of that scene.

I enjoy the zombie stuff because it’s completely unbelievable. I don’t get into the horror stuff unless it’s played for laughs. I don’t like vampire or ghost stories most of the time. There are exceptions, of course.

I don’t like “The Walking Dead” but I like “Z Nation”. The first takes itself too seriously while the second doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

I recently discovered “Ash vs. Evil Dead”, based on the “Evil Dead” movie franchise, actually a continuation of the original story. I’ve seen a few episodes so far and it’s true to the franchise. It’s hilarious.

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By RT Cunningham
December 2, 2015