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Custom WordPress Theme Changes – Change is a Good Thing

According to an older article, I started using this custom WordPress theme on or just before July 23, 2017. I’ve made a lot of changes since then.

Unless you’re a frequent reader at this website, you won’t notice any of the changes I’ve made. Even then, you’ll probably only notice one or two visible changes.

Custom WordPress Theme Changes

I added structured data markup on July 25, 2017. I removed it, along with other enhancements, on November 6. And then, I brought it back just a few days ago. This time I used a WordPress plugin.

I replaced my Google font with a native font stack on September 23. I have yet to receive a complaint about readability.

A few days ago, I moved the styles to a separate style sheet. If I make a minor style change, I only have to upload the changed CSS file instead of all the changed web pages.

I made the latest change to my custom WordPress theme just yesterday. For any display less than 730 pixels wide, it should look exactly as before. For displays 730 pixels and wider, the navigation in the top header bar replaces the menu button and resulting sidebar.

Pending Custom WordPress Theme Changes

I don’t want to make a lot of changes. I just want things to look correctly on whatever device you’re using.

One of the changes I’m thinking about doing is splitting the footer into more than one column. It looks fine as it is on cell phones and tablets in profile mode, but not on wide desktop displays.

Another thing I’m thinking of doing is bringing back the AMP versions of my web pages. Yes, I once said Google AMP wasn’t worth the effort. It probably still isn’t. It’s something I have to think about.

I’m not in a hurry to get anything done when it comes to design. I tend to make a lot of mistakes. I plan to create another website soon and I want to use the same design, but with different colors for the header and footer areas.

Update February 18, 2018

Instead of displaying the navigation for displays 730 pixels and wider, it’s now at 660 pixels or wider. Why? Because I removed the “about” page and rewrote it as the front page.

I split the footer into three columns as well, with the same 660 pixel breakpoint.

Update February 28, 2018

I increased the maximum width for article content from 920 to 970 pixels for displays of 1024 pixels wide and wider. This doesn’t affect anything at all on the smaller mobile devices.

Update March 2, 2018

I inserted a locally-hosted Google font in front of the native font stack. Locally-hosted means it isn’t downloaded from Google.

Noto Sans is supposed to look good on all devices. A Google person or team designed it, so it should.

February 15, 2018
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