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Cunningham Family Members and WikiTree, the Free Family Tree

Cunningham family membersI wrote about Clan Cunningham in 2014 and I thought that would be the end of it. Although I share an account with a younger sister and another account with a cousin at, I rarely visit the site. The only things being added to it, it seems, are the deaths in the family.

Today, I made a few minor corrections based on death records I found when looking for obituaries. Then I read the article, “Genealogy in the Digital Age: Uncovering Your Family History”, shortly before discovering WikiTree. I joined WikiTree, hoping I would find more information about the Cunningham family members than I already have. No such luck so far.

WikiTree Vs. and Others

WikiTree is free to join and collaborate on, unlike the others. I don’t know if I’ll eventually uncover more history than I already heave, but at least I won’t have to pay for it.

So far, I’ve only added myself, my parents and two older siblings. Copying the information I possess to fields on yet another genealogy site is going to be tedious at best. I don’t plan to finish in only a couple of days. Filling in the blanks seems straightforward enough, but I have to pay attention to the radio buttons.

The Difficulty in Tracing My Family History

Everything prior to my great-great grandparents doesn’t seem to exist, on either side of the family. Although I’m only interested in the Cunningham side, any information I can find will help me complete my family history. As I mentioned when I wrote about Clan Cunningham, my older son (Joseph) collected some family mementos while he was stationed in England.

He intended to visit Scotland, the birthplace of the Cunningham name, but never had the opportunity to go. I’m surprised he got what he did, which includes manifests from more than one ship. They’re lists of all the indentured servants. There were hundreds that came over from Ireland. My father, years ago, told me our ancestors came over from Ireland, but I never realized this was the way they came over.

The manifests can’t tell me which ones were my ancestors, so the lists are practically worthless. That is, unless they can be used to confirm a name I may find in the future.

Family Cooperation

When I’m done entering everything I have concerning the Cunningham family, perhaps other family member will be enticed to add the information they have, that I don’t have. I have access to two accounts at, but most of the information overlaps.

I may be the king of wishful thinking and the most likely outcome is that no one else will add to the information I enter. It may be just my opinion, but I think there are more people who don’t care about their family history than those who do.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time every day working on it. In fact, I may skip days at a time. I’ll complete everything I need to complete eventually. I’m not going to kill myself, figuratively of course, for something that may go nowhere in the long run.

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By RT Cunningham
October 23, 2019
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