Crime is just Crime, no matter how it’s Worded

badge - crime It’s hard to believe this kind of stuff still happens in the 21st century. The antics of the political players is astonishing. By now, everyone has heard about what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Even people who don’t live in America. The politics of the matter have made it a global sensation. There was a crime committed and we still don’t know all the details. In my opinion, unless we live there, we shouldn’t even know a crime was committed at all.

Crime is just Crime

People like Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama have turned a tragedy into a political farce and we’re still feeling the repercussions of it today. They labeled it a “hate crime”.

I’m confused by how they define “hate crime”. It seems every time an ethnic minority, especially black, is attacked in any way by a white person, it’s labeled a hate crime. When a gay person is attacked by anyone, it’s a hate crime.

When a non-gay white person is attacked by a non-white person, it’s not a hate crime. The hypocrisy of the political players is astounding. It doesn’t even get noticed by the people I mentioned.

Mainstream Media and Politics

When I was growing up, a child of sixties, the news media reported the news whether it was good or bad news. Today, it isn’t news. It’s politics disguised as news.

When that young black man was shot and killed by a police officer, all the people I mentioned had something to say about it and the media covered all of it. The media is still covering it.

The police officer involved was allowed to use deadly force if deadly force was appropriate. The public will probably never know the truth and that’s how it should be. Only the people of Ferguson need to know the truth.

And then we move to another facet of the situation. The rioters and looters who used racial injustice as an excuse are as guilty of committing crimes (multiple crimes) as anyone else involved in the story.

Things like this will never stop happening as long as political players use races to separate and divide people.

August 26, 2014

United States

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