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The Great Coronavirus Zombie Apocalypse of 2020

coronavirus zombie apocalypseThe great coronavirus zombie apocalypse of 2020 is well underway, or so it seems. Many communities around the world are in “lock down” mode, with more entering that status very soon. Entire islands and even countries are in the process of quarantining their citizens in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

I’ll be 60 this year and I have never seen such panic in my entire life. Other than in TV shows and movies, that is.

The Hoarding of Supplies

test resultsWhen this all started, people started panic-buying face masks wherever they could find them. Never mind the fact that most of them weren’t rated to protect from anything biological. The next target was toilet paper, followed by hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol. I stopped paying attention after that.

What really annoys me is the people buying enough toilet paper to last at least a year. What are they planning to us it for? The outbreak will be over long before they can use it all. Their panic-buying caused other people to panic buy when the stock ran out and then got restocked.

preparedThere are people attempting to take advantage of the situation. They buy all they can find of all the things I mentioned and things I haven’t even thought of. Then they try to sell it on Amazon or eBay for much more than it cost them. I hope they get prosecuted for something.

My immediate family and I aren’t worried about having supplies. If we run out of toilet paper, we’ll just wash with water using a tabo (Filipino for dipper, ladle or mug) to wash our backsides. Disposable biodegradable plastic cups work well enough for me. We have plenty of soap to wash with and a hand sanitizer would simply be overkill at home.

Social Distancing

As I understand it, the coronavirus doesn’t stay airborne, mostly transmitted by droplets coming from an infected person. Shaking hands is a no-no because sweaty palms can transmit it as well. A casual touch shouldn’t be something to worry about. Health officials recommend keeping a distance of one meter, or three feet, from anyone coughing or sneezing. They say nothing about people without symptoms.

Other than maintaining an adequate distance from others, the best thing to do is avoid touching your face. If you wash your hands frequently, you stand a better chance of not catching the virus when you can’t help but touch your face.

Josie, my wife, and I went to the Schofield Barracks food court this morning to wait for my daughter-in-law’s clinical appointment to be over. All the chairs were turned up on the tables with a sign telling customers they were serving take-out food only. The same thing went for the Starbucks coffee shop on the other side of the main entrance lobby. The appointment was canceled, and we were joined shortly, and then we left, with nothing else to do.

A lot of places, where mass gatherings normally take place, are closing for a while. I’m not paying attention to how long because it’s really just more of the same for me. It’s not that I’m antisocial, it’s just that I’ve never been overly social in the first place.

A Zombie Apocalypse?

No, that’s just silly. I’m just trying to inject some mild humor in a hysterical situation. The way people and governments are behaving, you would think it was just as bad as the zombie apocalypse TV shows and movies we’ve become familiar with. The Walking Dead, World War Z and many others may have inspired some of this behavior.

Unless I see someone trying to eat someone else, I’m not going to worry about it.

Zombie Photo Attribution: 27707 at Pixabay

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By RT Cunningham
March 19, 2020