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Computer Storage Devices and Drives - USB Flash Drives and SD Cards

computer storage A computer storage device or drive can be one of several things. I won’t get into all of them but two of them are a USB flash drive and an SD card.

In the past, I thought buying both of these devices for storing music was a big deal. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t really familiar with an SD card or perhaps it was because they were more expensive than they should have been. Things change.

The Expense of Computer Storage Devices

When it comes to computer storage devices, they usually get less expensive as they increase in capacity. It doesn’t always happen as fast as I would like. I recently bought a new cell phone battery and a 64 gigabyte micro SD card (with an SD adapter, of course) for under $35 USD. The micro SD card alone would have cost more than that not too long ago.

I’ve ignored the SD card slot in my laptop computers for far too long. It’s always been like an afterthought. I always used external hard drives for file storage because of the larger capacities. The capacities of solid-state drives, USB drives and SD cards are starting to catch up… slowly. And they’re becoming more affordable than ever.

I tested the SD card and it’s pretty fast, all things considered. I trust SanDisk products and I won’t buy brands I’m not familiar with. The products I buy need to last me for a while since I’m on a fixed income. The SD card capacity is only 64 gigabytes, so I won’t be using it for the things I’ll use a higher capacity SD card for.

Computer Storage Plans

I don’t know how long it will be before I head back to the Philippines, but it will be at least two years. That much I can pretty much bet on. A few short months before I leave, probably after buying tickets at least three months in advance, I’ll buy some more computer storage devices. By then, the capacities should be even higher and the prices even more affordable.

I like the idea of using SD cards instead of USB flash drives. They take up less space. Although… I could probably replace a bunch of low-capacity USB flash drives with a single new higher capacity USB flash drive. Can I boot with an SD card? I don’t have the SD card with me and I don’t remember if it showed up in the boot options when I was testing other stuff. I may be wrong but I think I can.

Hard drives (HDD) tend to get temperamental when they get old. Solid state drives seem to be better suited for operating system software. High-capacity flash drives and SD cards seem to be better suited for computer storage. Again, things change.

Non-volatile memory drives such as USB flash drives and SD cards can be used for long term computer storage. The only issue is oxidation on contacts, which can be easily removed with simple pencil erasers. Still, I wonder if the memory will lose cohesiveness over many years. I remember when magnetic floppy disks went bad way sooner than expected. I’ve learned to never take anything for granted.


RT Cunningham
November 10, 2018