Computer Parts Cost more in the Philippines than in the States

computer parts I wrote about my laptop computer problems here and here. Earlier today, I looked up prices on solid-state drives at various places including Walmart has the SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB listed for about $45.00 USD. has it listed for 2540 pesos, which comes to about $55.00 USD at the current foreign currency exchange rate for United States dollars. Not only do computer parts cost more, whole computers cost more than they do in the United States.

Why are Computers and Computer Parts more Expensive here?

Some things will never make sense no matter how hard I try to make sense of them. American brand laptop computers tend to cost about twice as much in the Philippines than the United States, no matter where you buy them. Products imported to companies at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone don’t include duties or taxes, so they should be on par with the United States as far as prices go. Many other products are, but not computer products.

On the other hand, breadbox desktop computer systems can be had for about half of what a name-brand desktop computer system would cost in the United States. They’re even cheaper when you start axing the stuff you don’t need with them. If I wanted to buy a new desktop system today, I’d spend far less than $500 USD for a top-of-the-line-system. Why? Well, I have leftover computer parts stored in various places and I don’t need a monitor or any internal hard drives. If I wanted to do the work, I could rebuild a desktop computer for less than $200 USD. But I don’t want to.

I don’t understand why computer systems made in Japan (Sony, for example) aren’t imported directly from Japan. They’re not; theyre imported from the United States. Again, it doesn’t make sense. If they were directly imported, I’m sure they’d be cheaper.

Online Shopping to Check Computer Parts Prices

I always do this, even if I don’t buy the computer parts from an online company. I haven’t bought a thing from because I’ve been able to find what I need locally, but I’ve checked prices there many times.

Now that I know the price range I’m looking at for the solid-state drive, I can tell if a local retailer is trying to rip me off. Price tags don’t mean much when the retailer is unscrupulous.

I’ll probably visit the computer shops I mentioned when I wrote about the memory card and USB stick I bought before anywhere else. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be until January or February. My fixed income won’t allow me to stray off-budget very often. I’m using my backup laptop computer as my primary computer now and the one I was having problems with is now the backup laptop computer. Yes, I managed to get it working again – but I’m sure it won’t last if I start using it all the time.

November 3, 2015


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Timothy Gott (2015)

Yeah, I got the same/similar problem. I'm actually using a combination of my hard drive failure (happened nearly a year ago) with an undetermined boot problem, as "a reason" for purchasing brand new vanilla box system.

I'm very obsessive when it comes to research and I got in about twenty different directions when thoroughly digging through a topic. As a result I am most satisfied when the computer I am working on will allow me to open eight to ten instances of my favorite web browser with about six to twelve tabs running in each instance. Consequently I can bring the multiprocessing/threading capabilities of my computer to it's knees, not to mention the RAM if I don't have more than two gigs or so handy.

So, after a long stint of several years with AMD processors I've decided I am going to spend the extra money to go back to a cooler running Intel Processor (heat issues in the Philippines). Now I want to determine whether my OS of choice (Linux Mint) is going have any bearing as to whether an i5 or an i7 will be the best option, and how much bang for the buck I can get betwixt to the two.

RT Cunningham (2015)

Good luck. The reason I don't have issues with AMD processors is because I keep my room air conditioned. I'm not familiar with any of the processor families, Intel or AMD. Most operating systems can't use more than two cores, only some will support four. I'm pretty sure the Ubuntu derivatives like Linux Mint can support four cores but I could be mistaken. Windows claims to support everything but in practice, Microsoft is usually lying.

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