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My Next Computer will be a Traditional Desktop Computer

desktop computer I have three working laptop computers in the house. They won’t last forever and when only one remains, I’ll be setting up a traditional desktop computer.

I only use one laptop at a time. One has Windows XP on it, one has Windows 10 on it and the one I’m using has Linux Mint on it. My daughter-in-law uses the XP laptop for various things, which is nothing more than a netbook. The Windows 10 laptop sits idle most of the time. I pull it out when I need to do something on Windows that I can’t do on Linux, which is rare.

Why a Traditional Desktop Computer System?

I’m not as mobile as a lot of people think they are. I have a mobile phone and a laptop but I never take either of them with me when I leave home. The laptop I’m using now sits in my bedroom (my man cave) most of the time. I use it in the area below the carport when the weather is nice and when I feel like doing more than a few things in a given day.

I have old desktop computer parts in storage. When the time comes, I won’t need a monitor or a hard drive. I’ll probably need a new keyboard and a new mouse (I like the mobile mice that only use one battery because the batteries seem to last forever). An extra video card is lying around somewhere.

I barely get by on a laptop keyboard because the tips of my fingers are fat – I tend to hit more than one key at a time. I prefer a full-sized keyboard and that’s what I get when I use a desktop computer. The cheap keyboards are fine. At less than $5 USD each, I won’t feel bad when I accidentally destroy one.

Buying and Building a Desktop Computer System

I’ve already done business with Lazada Philippines and I can get a minimal system from them for under $300 USD. It’s the tower part with only the hard drive missing. It would only take me minutes to install one of the hard drives I have lying around here.

I have two 19-inch monitors and a 21-inch monitor in a storage area. If PS/2 connections aren’t available, I’ll just need some cheap PS/2 to USB adapters (or vice-versa). I’m sure I would spend less than $50 USD to get the computer system up to speed.

There was a time when building a desktop computer system from scratch was the least expensive route to take. It isn’t that way now and I’d be an idiot to attempt it anyway. I seriously doubt I could buy all the pieces separately here.

Looking to the Future

I’ve had bad luck with laptops in the past. I’ve had some unceremoniously die on me without any warnings whatsoever. They were always past their warranties when it happened. These days, I always have another a computer as a backup. I’m not particular about whether it’s a laptop or a desktop computer, as long as it works long enough for me to get a replacement.

I use Linux Mint for almost everything. I can’t make movies with it but I can with the Windows 10 laptop (Windows Live Movie Maker). The hardware is almost exactly the same so it’s a Linux software thing. I’m sure I wouldn’t have an issue on a desktop computer with a beefier video card (which I already have stored away).

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By RT Cunningham
September 15, 2016