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I reserve the right to remove comments that are inappropriate, offensive, or obvious comment spam. Names containing keywords only will probably be deleted during moderation. If multiple names for the same website URL or IP address exist, I may also remove them during moderation. Keyword only names will likely be changed to “John Doe” or “Jane Doe” as the name if the comment is worth saving.

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This blog is for adults. While I have no problem with comments from younger people, I will remove comments that seem to come from children.

You retain ownership of your comments. You grant me the limited right to publish them on this website (as the current comment or in an article) or any website that I specifically own. You can ask for removal of comments contained within the comments area (or used within articles) if you do not agree with the usage. I will never use comments out of context and I will not use them as testimonials for products or services without your permission.

I reserve the right to contact you through e-mail about any comment you make.

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